How Speaker Stands Can Improve Your Home Theatre

A pair of speaker stands will not only help to improve the overall look and design of your home theatre setup, but they can also help improve the sound quality of your system. Having the ability to place your speakers in an open position allows the sound to bounce off the walls in a more natural way as opposed to placing your speakers inside a cabinet or on a shelf. When you attempt to place your surround sound speakers inside the slim cabinets designed for modern TV sets, you end up compromising the sound, often in a negative way.

That is why speaker stands are so important. These stands allow you to get the best audio quality possible out of your surround sound system so that you can enjoy HD movies and live events the way they were meant to be. There are various types of speaker stands available on the market that are designed to hold devices of all shapes and sizes. You can choose from the classic style of bookshelf stands to add to any room in your home, or go with towering surround sound speaker stands with a sleek design that is meant for the very best home theatre setups.

What to Look For When Buying a Speaker Stand Set

There are a few things to look for when it comes to buying a set of speaker stands. First you need to decide if you want to buy a pair or a trio of stands for your system. This really depends on the amount of speakers you own and the amount of space that you have in your room to display them. Next you will want to find stands that have some type of padding which will help to isolate the stands. The New Duo Speaker Stands from Atacama Audio feature isolation gel pads that will help prevent any resonance coming from the speaker cabinets. This feature will also protect the outer finish of the speakers and provide them with a grip on the base that will prevent them from slipping. If you are interested in the New Duo line of stands, you will also like the added cable management system that is built in to all their speaker stand products.

The size and height of the speaker stand are other important aspects that you will need to consider when it comes to purchasing these items. For the best audio quality, it is good to have your speakers situated at ear level while you are seated. Therefore you will want to find stands that are the right height. Many sets will feature stands that are of multiple heights which will allow users to customize or tweak the quality of their audio system by arranging them in different areas throughout the room. Keep in mind that you will need to look at the size of the stands as well since many are designed for smaller satellite speakers while have been made to hold and support much larger speakers.

There is more to choosing a set of speaker stands than simply buying pieces that will match your current d├ęcor. The size, height, and the amount of stands in the set will have an effect on the overall quality of your system. By understanding more about how surround speakers work and why they should be placed out in the open instead of inside a closed-in space, you will be able to enjoy the maximum amount of benefits from your home entertainment setup.

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