How To Choose Your Home Cinema Seating

How you position your home cinema furniture is without doubt one of the most important factors to consider when you're planning a dedicated in-house theatre. Seating alone has developed into an entire science concerned with providing each individual member of the audience with a superior entertainment experience. And while you can find a whole gaggle of experts on the Internet more than happy to offer their advice concerning the positioning of speakers, advice on how to choose and arrange your seating can be quite rare.


Common mistakes

It's a common mistake for less experienced AV enthusiasts to place their seats, sofas or loungers on the back wall of the home cinema. Another mistake is to position the seating in the middle of the room. Both are the worst positions possible as bass frequencies generally swell up at the walls and dwindle in the middle of a room. But with a little research you can plan your strategic seating arrangements well in advance, and be sure to get the quality listening and viewing experience you expect.

When it comes to planning the best position for you seating there are many factors which need to be taken account. One of them is the number of seats you require. Other factors include the overall size of the room, screen size and which type of sound system you wish to install. Again, research helps. The goal is to ensure your AV system and the seating work together.


Comfort is king

Ultimately, home theatre seating should be designed for comfort. But not just your own. Think about who is going to sit where when you invite friends and family around for a night of cinematic enjoyment.

Single seats are great for individual comfort, but if you like to cuddle up with a partner then you don't want armrests to get in the way. Also, you may have small children who would feel more comfortable on a couch or a sofa? Fortunately there is a wide variety of home cinema seating available, and among the large array of sofas, loungers and love seats, you're sure to find what suits you and your audience best.

It may sound obvious to choose furniture that actually fits into the size of the room without cramping up space or looking lost in a vast expanse of emptiness, but be aware also that the size of the furniture, and indeed the configuration can affect how your home cinema sounds. Large and bulky sofas and loungers in the wrong position can impede sound quality by disrupting the natural travel of sound waves.


When the price is right

Home theatre seating can be expensive and depending on the brand and the quality has almost no upper limit. But there are some perfectly reasonable and comfortable options to be found if you take the time and put in the effort. Or perhaps you'd rather consider a peace by peace purchasing plan as the best alternative for your budget.






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