How To Clean Your Home Theatre System

If you want to keep your home theatre system all spick and span and looking good you'll have to give it a regular clean. But care must be taken when choosing which kind of products you use on your precious media components. Checking the users manual is always a good place to start, but here's a list of useful tips to give you a general idea. And of course, it goes without saying that all devices and components should be turned off at the mains before you start.



Take care of the finish on your speakers, especially if they have a wooden finish. Some wood cleaners may leave a residue of silicone that over time will seep into the wood grain. Manufacturers will generally recommend cleaning the speaker cabinet with an anti-static cloth or any other soft cloth dampened slightly with water. A can of compressed air is perfect for blowing dust and dirt from grilles but if you don't have a can to hand, simply use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment.


DVD/CD Player/Receiver

The front and side panels of your DVD or CD Player and receiver are best cleaned with a dry, lint-free cloth. Take care not to wipe dust and dirt into the air slits, avoid paper towels and never let water anywhere near the device!


Sensitive areas around panel controls and buttons can be cleaned using a can of compressed air or a small paint brush. Compressed air is also good for cleaning the cooling fan behind the vents or any other hard-to-reach places.



Cables should be unplugged and re-plugged every couple of years to ensure the connection is free of dirt or dust. Always unplug the power cord of the device before you start cleaning the connections. If you do find a build up of dirt, a variety of good contact cleaners are available at reasonable prices.


Gaming Console, CD and DVD Lens Cleaners

There is no difference between a normal lens cleaner for gaming consoles, CD and DVD players. But it is recommended that you check you're buying a cleaner designed for multiple disc formats before you make the purchase. Ask at the shop or do a little research before hand to ensure you don't take the wrong disc home with you. Also, if you've been experiencing problems with playback, check that it is only the lens that needs to be cleaned and not some other fault on the device.


Following these few, simple tips can help keep the pride and joy of your home entertainment room looking as good as new for many years to come!


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