How to Get the Best Sound out of your Home Theatre

You have invested thousands into your home theatre setup with the highest quality devices that are available from the electronics industry. You may have purchased a large screen 4K TV, new AV furniture, and the highest rated speakers on the market, but did you know that they way that you have your surround sound speakers set up can greatly affect the benefits that you receive from these high-tech devices?

The way that speakers work is similar to the way that light fixtures illuminate a room. When you are listening to the audio from your favourite TV show or movie, the sound doesn’t come directly from the speakers themselves. Instead, the sound is bouncing off the ceiling, walls, floor, and any other objects that are in the room. Like a reflection from a window or light fixture can be a nuisance, the “reflections” that alter our audio equipment can also diminish the sound. Therefore it is important to arrange your speakers in a way to reduce this impact.

How to Situate your Surround Sound Tweeters

Tweeters may be the smallest speakers in your system but they have a very large impact on your overall audio quality and performance. The tweeters that come with your surround sound system should be placed where they are ear’s height while you are sitting in your sofa or recliner. Your left and right speakers should be of equal distance from your seating position. And they should be at least 18” away from the corner of the room or any large pieces of furniture that the sound may bounce off of.

Situating Your Speakers to Adjust the Bass

Placing your larger speakers directly against the wall can sometimes help to improve the overall bass quality of your system, however with some speakers this will only cause a thick bass sound to occur. If this happens, you will want to move the speakers further away from the wall to help ensure a smoother bass sound. Experiment by playing high bass audio such as music or movies with a loud soundtrack as you are moving your speakers around to get the best possible output.

Where to Place your Smaller Bookshelf-Style Speakers

You may have the ideal spot picked out to place your small to medium-sized surround sound speakers but this location may not always be the best place for your overall audio quality. Many people choose to use a floor stand or a mounted wall bracket instead of an enclosed shelf for these speakers because it allows the sound to flow freely without immediately bouncing off a solid surface.

Many surround sound speaker systems will come with detailed instructions on how to correctly position each type of speaker in order to provide you with the best output possible. If you are still having trouble with your audio devices, these tips should help you tweak your system so that you will be able to enjoy high-quality audio while watching your favourite HD movies, TV shows or sports programs.

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