Is It Okay For Grown Men To Play Video Games?

A recent discussion on the Hubpages forum for video and computer games tried to tackle the issue of adult male gamers. The discussion began with a cry for help from a community member worried their older brother was spending too much time on his Play Station. The user, calling themselves Kiki 1012, said they understood that everyone needs a hobby, but questioned the practice of grown men spending hours playing computer games. Kiki 1012 called for advice about how to deal with an older brother who lived on his own and played PS3 from dusk till dawn and asked, “Shouldn't he be doing something more constructive with his time?”

The Hubpages community were not slow coming forwards. User PCUnix agreed the brother could be making better use of his time but then questioned what 'better use' actually meant. “Some would say it's making money,” PCUnix wrote in reply, “some would say it's learning new things. Some would say praying.” And concluded by saying, “How anyone spends their time is a matter of personal choice.”


All things in moderation

The reply from Alpha137 was more conclusive. Quoting from the book, “Reality is Broken: How Video Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change The World.” by Jane McGonigal, user Alpha137 stated that people should strive to play less than 20 hours of video games per week and if Kiki1012's brother was exceeding this limit, he should seriously think about cutting back on his gaming time.


“Video games can be a great mental stimulant and can have a number of positive affects on a person's lifestyle,” writes Alpha137, “but only as long as they are played in moderation.” And adds a subtle warning that, “The same can be said for all interests and hobbies. All things in MODERATION.”


On a personal note, Alpha137 goes on to advise the brother at the very least to add variety to his gaming habit and try a number of different games rather than spending hours and hours playing the same thing. And if all else fails suggests that Kiki1012 can;


1)      Try distracting her brother with other hobbies.

2)      Have an intervention. Bring friends and make a party of it!

3)      Play with him. Maybe you're missing out!


Gender neutral?

Community member Jenbo128 contributed to the discussion by illustrating the gaming habits of both herself and her husband; “ husband and I met through our interest in gaming. My own gaming has slowed down quite a bit—every few months. I'll get the itch to play a video game and then I'll play a couple of hours every day for a few weeks, and then I won't play again for a while.” Jenbo128 says and then goes on to describe how her husband plays, “...regularly, but usually just for an hour or two each day. Even his parents play video games together all the time, (his mom is 67 and his dad 75!)


The general consensus of community opinion was then summed up nicely by user Express10 who stated that, “Playing games is okay as long as it's not to the detriment of any other areas of one's life.” And that is a statement I think we can all fully support. How about you?




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