Salamander Designs are an American manufacturer of high quality AV furniture, the TV cabinets are clearly geared at the high of the market and with that high price tag you would certainly expect high standards of customer service to go with it. We have dealt with the Salamander Designs UK distributers Atacama/Nordost for over a year now and we have found the customer service to be superb, in the event of any disatisifed customer the sales manager of the company will personally call the customer and do whatever he can to resolve the problem, what more could the consumer or the retailer ask for?

It was a great surprise for me to come across a consumer who describes the Salamander Customer Service. I was greatly surprised to read about this and was staggered at the comparison to the class leading service we receive on Salamander Designs TV furniture in the UK.

So it begs the question is UK customer service or US customer service better? Well I undertook a little research and found this article on UK and US customer service, certainly this paints a contradictory picture.