Latest Trends For Home Theatre Enthusiasts

When we think of a traditional home theatre, a lot of us still picture a dark basement with a projector screen, a multiple channel sound system and rows of plump, cushioned seats. But the latest home entertainment trends are pulling away from this classic concept. Below is a short list of what lies on the home theatre horizon.



The use of dual and multi screens is becoming increasingly popular. This can mean anything from a panel TV used for everyday viewing gets covered by a large projection screen for special film and sports events, a group of flat TVs on the same wall, to different sized screens on various walls in the same room. But why do we need so many screens? Video choices have become so diverse that more and more people refuse to be restricted by the old fashioned concept of simply 'sitting down and watching a movie'. They are looking for convenient opportunities to increase their entertainment options.


Social Networks

But the multi-screen trend doesn't stop there. Tablets and smartphones  are not only being used to adjust the volume and switch channels--they have also become alternative viewing devices-- and in a world of 24/7 social networking, users are tweeting and posting status updates while watching their favourite films, TV shows and live sports events. Which is why many smart TVs now come with features like Twitter and Facebook.


Network Media

These days, building a home theatre without taking your Internet connection into account has become almost unthinkable. Research has shown that by the end of this year, over 30%  of homes will be equipped with smart TVs, an online Blu-ray player, networked gaming devices and some kind of dedicated streaming service. Then it's really no surprise the Internet is becoming the most important factor in home entertainment. And while Blue-ray and CD still have the edge over streaming when it comes to viewing quality, that is surely going to change sometime soon.


Standing and Soundbar Speakers

The choice of speakers incorporated into media rooms is also on the change. Home theatre enthusiasts are increasingly turning to floor-standing and bookshelf speakers rather than the beloved in-wall speakers of the past decade. And while die-hards still think soundbars are more about looks than sound, the best models are rapidly catching up with the quality of full-range speakers and many of them area lot easier to integrate into the entertainment room. Standard and middle range home theatre systems are being replaced with combinations of subwoofers and soundbars that offer a more efficient way to fill a room with sound. They are also an easy way to upgrade from those often mediocre TV speakers.


Value for money

Perhaps it's wrong to call this a trend per se', but the fact remains that the prices of home theatre products have plunged significantly while at the same time performance and features have improved. Companies like JVC, Mitsubishi and Epson now provide excellent quality 3D projectors for half of what they cost 2 years ago. And if you want to watch your films in formats like super-wide CinemaScope, technologies are available which eliminate the necessity of expensive anamorphic lenses.





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