Lighting Tips & Tricks for your TV Room

You have purchased the perfect TV and AV furniture for your TV room. Now you are ready to enjoy hours of binge watching your favourite TV shows and movies. But there is only one problem. The lighting in the room, whether it is natural light from outside sources or electrical light indoors, is causing reflection issues with your brand new HDTV. So what can you do to correct this problem? First try out these lighting tips and tricks that will help you eliminate glare and set the mood for an evening filled with quality entertainment.

Dim the Lights                                                                          

Obviously the first thing you will want to do is turn off the lights completely in order to reduce the amount of glare on your TV screen. But what if you want to view a program during the day when natural sunlight is coming through your windows, even with the shades pulled down? Go with blackout window treatments that will help to eliminate a large amount of natural light any time of day. This type of window treatment can be found at most retail stores and are often used by people who work the night shift so that they can sleep naturally during the day without the disturbance of outdoor light.

Use Your TV’s Backlight Controls

If you own an LCD TV you can enjoy a more relaxing viewing experience by adjusting the backlight controls. Most LCD models will have this feature located in their settings or user menu. Typically this setting will be at the maximum level as a default, which provides you with the brightest backlighting effect. Turn it down to enjoy more black levels and less reflection. This should not have any type of effect on your TV’s contrast level and provides an easy fix for most viewers.

Install a Lighting Control System

This may be the more expensive option but it is also the most effective and will provide you with a more advanced home theatre setup. There are many different lighting control systems available on the market that can provide you with different settings, or zones, that will create the perfect mood for whatever type of programming you plan to watch. You can set the lighting for a late night movie, or a live sporting event and enjoy a crystal clear picture with no reflection or glare. The company Lutron has created several systems that even allows you to tie in automatic window treatments with the remote control so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy a fully automated lighting system in your TV room.

When choosing which room is best for your home theatre set up, it is always best to go with the room in your home with the fewest windows. But if that is not an option, there are plenty of ways to work around the problem. You can also try to place your TV along a wall that is not directly across from any type of window, electrical lighting or any other device that may cause an unwanted reflection to appear.

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