We have now truly entered the winter period of 2009, yes that means the weather will be colder, your car won't start in the morning and it will be dark on your way to and from work but it also means that electrical manufacturers will be releasing wide ranges of new products, expect to see many more of the latest technology in television LED. LED TV's produce a brighter picture than previous flat panel TV's but the most notable feature of these new TV's is that they can be manufactured much thinner than ever before. With new televisions of less than 2cm in depth there is clearly a need for some ultra stylish TV furniture to accomodate these beautiful new glossy televisions.

Here at Big AV, we believe that cantilever TV stands are one of the best TV furniture products on the market, providing a practical variation on the wall moutning concept these taller Plasma, LCD and LED TV stands are perfect for the latest generations of flat panel TV's, due to the natura of the design these stands will enable the ultra slim dimensions of the new TV's to be displayed in their full glory without sacrificing functionality or practicality. Expect to see Big AV's extensive collection of cantilever TV stands expand in the future with old lines being reinforced and completely new lines being launched.