Boost Your AV Setup With On Demand Music Streaming

So you have got to the point where you have your perfect AV system high end speakers system connected to one of the latest TV models which sat atop a stunning modern TV cabinet there is only one thing you are missing and that is the content to play on it.  In our last article we looked at the smart set top boxes you could use to get the content onto your TV but we mainly focussed on the video content that these boxes could receive,  this week we are looking at the audio content and in particular music streaming services.

Gone are the days where you needed a large collection of music stored on records tapes CD’s or even a more recently a HDD.  With the advent of the popular music streaming services now all you need is a steady internet collection and you can pull all your favourite tracks along with plenty of new ones you have never heard before on demand from the cloud.   There are a growing number of services available but we are going to be looking at 3 of the most popular.




Spotify is probably the most well known of the music streaming service and it has been around the longest of the three we are reviewing and has the largest user base.  One of the main benefits of spotify is its freemium business model in which anyone is able to access the service for free albeit with adverts in the music, but if you want to stream music in a higher fidelity 320kbit/s you need to pay for their premium service which also removes the advertisements from the music giving you a constant listening experience. Spotify has a very large catalogue of music available to stream and whilst there are a few high profile artists missing, Taylor Swift for example, you will mostly be able to find the track you are looking for.  With Spotify apps across Android, IOS, windows and also playstation games consoles and Amazon Fire you should have no trouble piping the music into your Hifi System whether it be through a phone laptop or set top box.


Apple Music


Launched just last year Apple music is the new kid on the block but has managed to hit the ground running due to its simple integration with idevices and the vast number of people who already use itunes for their music.  Whilst it is only available as a paid service at £9.99 per month they have been able to entice customers with a three month free trial and deep integration into the itunes software which means the upgrade to apple music will feel like second nature to itunes regulars.


Tidal is another new offering, although it has been around slightly longer than Apple Music and has positioned itself at the premium end of the market and aimed itself specifically at true Hi Fi buffs.  The USP that Tidal launched with was its ability to stream music in true Hi Fi lossless CD quality 1411 kbit/s which provides audio in 4 x the resolution of Spotify’s premium service. It is more expensive than the others at £19.99 per month for the Hi Fi quality service but if you are spending into the thousands on your HiFi equipment then you will likely consider it a small price to pay for the increased quality of music on offer.

Of course there are plenty of other options available for music streaming but these are three of the most popular and in our opinion easiest ways to get an amazing selection of good quality music from the internet and out of your speakers.

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