Our Pick of the UK's Best Music and Movie Blogs

Blogs are a great way to keep up to date with all the latest news and developments in the film and music industries. But a quick search on the Internet reveals literally thousands of pages all dedicated to just those two topics. To make things easier, we've put together this handy list of the UK's 10 best music and movie blogs, so you can spend more time reading and less time trawling the world wide web. We'll begin with film.




We're starting our list with a haven for film fans who are keen to keep in touch with the latest developments in Hollywood. But this blog doesn't just focus on the movie capital of the world; the writers at FlickeringMYTH also have a lot to say about the geek and independent film cultures and features regular film and TV news, trailers, interviews and reviews.



If the goal of the team at BACK TO THE MOVIES is to provide film lovers with in-depth info and no BS movie reviews then they certainly meet the brief. Founded in 2010 by marketing blogger Sean Evans and titled after his favourite film ever, the blog offers a rich mix of inclusive interviews, reviews of both independent and mainstream films, plus independent news and brand new trailers.


Blazing Minds

Created in 2008 by Karen Woodham, Blazing Minds was originally a means of connecting with film fans in North Wales. After having vastly outgrown her intentions, the award-winning blog has developed into a trusted resource providing everything the discerning movie and entertainment blog should have; reviews and previews, plus the latest news from film, music and even theatre.



If there ever was a blog created solely to indulge its founder then LIVE FOR FILMS is it. The love child of Phil Edwards, the blog was originally a means to share everything Phil loves about art, comics and films with his friends. These days, the critically acclaimed blog is still a monument to its creator's passion and continues to rank high amongst the zillions of other like-minded blogs on the Internet.



It may be a blog that caters to a huge audience, but MOVIE MARKER does not compromise on quality. Created by Luke Walkley, the blog is continuously being updated by a regular team of writers and provides film fans with well-written movie reviews from a wide range of genres. With the sheer attention to detail and the meticulously researched information provided by MOVIE MARKER, the blog has rightly earned its place in the hearts of serious moviegoers all around the world.


Let's Go To The Movies

If you're looking for recommendations for film and theatre plus no-nonsense advice on which howlers to avoid, Let's Go To The Movies is the blog for you. Founded in 2009 this little gem provides constantly updated lists of the very best and the very worst, by actor and genre. The blog's creator, Caz, isn't afraid to point the finger at lesser productions or performances and her often quite derogatory reviews can delight and sometimes shock her readership in equal measure.





WPGM first saw the light of day back in 2009 when its creator, Ayodele Adepoju decide to showcase the very best music from all around the world. Containing an entertaining an informative mix of artists and album reviews, gig lists, interviews and concise commentary, the blog has since become a tried and trusted resource for a wide audience of music fans everywhere, and features regular contributions from writers around the globe.



Back in 2010, HTF was created with the goal of providing its readers with reviews and info about hot new artists, sneaky peeks behind the scene at live gigs plus a host of news and info from the music world. At its heart, HTF has always had an eclectic blend of pop and rock, electric, metal and indie music, along with regular competitions which over the years have proved enormously popular with its army of fans.



Kevin Devine, Max Jury and Vagabon are just some of the artists to give featured interviews on this Glasgow-based blog. Originally created by Tom Johnson simply as a vehicle to promote the music he loves, the blog gives its readers an insight into the people behind the music and today still does a great job of promoting up and coming talent. Beautifully designed and executed, GoldFlakePaint is as eye-catching as it interesting and fun to read.


Test Pressing

Taking its inspiration from Ibiza dance music, Test Pressing was created in 2008 by Paul Byrne and later joined forces with Robert Harris to develop into a blog with interviews, playlists, tour dates, mixes and interviews. A highly-readable blog for anyone with even the slightest interest in the Balearic music scene.


Harder Blogger Faster

What may sound like a mildly erotic magazine, Harder Blogger Faster was founded in 2009 by Andrew Rafter, a well-respected music journalist, to promote the electronic music industry. The blog is filled with news of all the latest premieres, in-depth interviews with both established artists and young hopefuls while at the same time it is source of one of the hottest streaming and download sites on the web.


Music Industry Blog

Music Industry Blog is one of the best sources around for news of what's going on the world of digital music. Founded by technology and media analyst, Mark Mulligan, the blog provides important insights into how to create fresh music business models and features the latest news on technology and places the entire scene under the microscope while accompanied by Mark's thorough and well-researched commentary.


This Must Be Pop

Pop fans everywhere will know this one. Founded in 2003 by Jessica when she was just 15-years-old. The blog is a showcase for the latest and best talent in the emerging pop scene. And despite starting a career in A&R music management, Jessica still keeps her blog up to date with industry news and advanced information regarding new pop artists and songs.


The UK blogging scene is a vibrant source of infotainment and fun for anyone looking for the latest news and info on their favourite films and/or music and much, much more. Which blogs do you love?

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