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  • Dedicated TV Headphone or Bluetooth. Which is Better?

    Do you remember the days

    when people thought Bluetooth was something you got when you failed to go for regular dental check-ups? Well, maybe not. But it does show that tech developers sometimes can have a weird sense of humour. Bluetooth is actually named after Harald Bluetooth, the King who united Denmark back in the 10th century.

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  • All You Need to Know About Connecting Home Theatre Audio

    You've probably noticed that TV's have become thinner over the past few years. But the sound that comes from their speakers has actually gotten worse. This has lead to more and more people going out to buy a sound bar or a home theatre receiver and speakers for better sound.

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  • Why Music Moves Us

    Ask a scientist what music is and they'll tell you that music is sound and that technically speaking,  sound is just waves of pressure being transmitted through air, water, or some kind of solid material. And that basically, music is just more of those same vibrations but arranged in very specific patterns. The sound of an electric drill, a barking dog, and an orchestra are all really just vibrations. But you've probably never been overcome by emotion when listening to an electric drill. So, why does music make us experience so many emotions?

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  • Seeing by Wireless. The Life of John Logie Baird

    John Logie Baird gave the world its first real television pictures. And when he was born in a small town on the Firth of Clyde at a time when science and technology were in their infancy, who could have foretold what his future was to be? The son of a Church of Scotland Minister, Baird was born in the year 1888, the youngest of four children. The family lived in a medium sized stone-built house in Helensborough, and in a household dominated by the church, Baird's scientific aspirations often caused lively debate.

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  • 8 of the Worst Films Ever Made

    It may seem strange, but there are film fans who have a kind of soft spot for really bad films. And we mean, REALLY BAD. We've all groaned at movies that have laid on the drama too thick, have pretended to be something they're not or have tried so hard to be taken seriously they wind up being unintentionally funny. Here's our list of what we think are the 8 worst films ever made, and in our honest opinion, these howlers have no redeeming qualities at all. So, brace yourselves. This isn't going to be pretty. Continue reading

  • The Beatles, the Stones and the Birth of British Rock n' Roll

    England in the mid-1950's. The nation had emerged from the shadow of World War II, only to be faced with a new threat; American rock and roll. Post-war prosperity had provided British with a new sense of freedom, and a considerable passion for all things American. So, when this raucous, rebellious new music finally crossed the Atlantic, the reception it received made even the recent coronation of Queen Elizabeth II seem dull by comparison. This was not just music. It was the battle cry of a new generation.

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  • The Secrets of a Great Pop Song

    A great pop song tells a human story. It connects with universal values; values that people can understand and empathise with. It demands our attention and sticks in the memory. A pop song can make us want to sing and dance or transport us to another time and place.  But what does it take to create a hit song? And why is it that pop music can be as rich, as powerful and as affecting as any classical symphony?

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  • 8 Most Influential Albums in Rock History

    Music can be nice, like a catchy tune we sing under the shower. Or a favourite melody we learn to play on our first guitar. But it can be much more than that. Sometimes, music makes us question the way we see, feel and think about the world. And really good music changes everything. Here is a list of the Most Influential Albums in Rock History. It includes works made by some of the most innovative musicians ever to walk this planet, and who created something so utterly timeless, they forever changed the way music sounds.  Remember, we're focussing specifically on innovative albums, so you won't find artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly, as they were more famous for their singles rather than their albums.

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  • Contemporary Films Destined to Become Classics

    Some films have the potential to be timeless. Here's a list of films that are destined to become classics in the future.    The list comprises modern movies that promise to stand the test of time and will remain just as revered in the future as they are today. The entries have to be fairly new, so we've only included films that were released in the 2010's and we've based our choices on the film's critical reception and how well we believe they will age. So, in no particular order, let's go:

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  • Why Some Acting Roles Should Come with a Health Warning

    It's easy to look at the celebrity lifestyles, the red carpets and the awards, not to mention the million pound paychecks, and believe that acting has to be one of the cushiest jobs going—once you've become a star. After all, there are enough special effects teams and stunt doubles at the ready to keep you safe, right? And if truth be told, the director and the audience are only asking you to 'pretend' for a couple of weeks. So, what could be easier?

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