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  • Aquila Launch New TV Stands

    Fashionable TV stand manufacturer Aquila are known for producing sleek and innovative TV stands, the Aquila AB-K111 was one of the first Cantilever TV stands to be launched on the market with fully adjustable shelving. The AB-K111 proved to be a very popular stand, the elegant design, strong structure and universal bracket which was capable of supporting LCD and Plasma TV's sized from 19" right up to 52". Now Aquila have launched the FAV-524R, similar to the AB-K111 in design this tall cantilever TV stand is ultra stylish with an ovular black glass base and chic oval glass shelves this really will make your TV look the business, best of all the Aquila FAV-524R is available for less than £250.

    The FAV-S19B was another of Aquila's successful products, two new variants of this ever popular TV stand have now been released, the FAV-S19B/3 shares the same width and depth as the standard FAV-S19B but now includes a third glass shelf, so if you liked the idea of a swivel cantilever TV stand but felt all the two shelf stands on the market did not offer sufficient shelf space for all of your equipment, Aquila have launched the FAV-S19B/3 just for you. Another groundbreaking variant of the FAV-S19B has also been released with the addition of a new motorised version. Simply use the remote control to rotate your TV into the perfect position for the room. Aquila have also released some white TV stands.

  • TV Cabinets - Past, Present and Future

    In the days of CRT television each of the larger living room TV's was supplied with it's own TV cabinet. These were usually made from cheap black plastic and featured glass cabinet doors. Sony pioneered this concept and included black TV cabinets with all Trinitron models above 25". Although classier wood TV cabinets were available as a separate purchase from furniture manufacturers they often lacked cable management facilities and despite improved aesthetics were not always practical solutions. The next phase of the CRT's lifespan was the wide screen revolution, most major manufacturers switched the colour of the television set exterior to silver, and with this new modern finish television producers started to supply silver plastic and glass TV stands instead of the more traditional cabinets, so was the TV dead?

    The introduction of the flat panel television completely transformed the TV furniture market, most of the major TV manufacturers stopped making stands, this opened up the opportunity for TV furniture companies. In the early days of flat panel the market was dominated by glass TV stands, as time progressed some consumers desired a solution which not only supported their television in a practical way but which matched their existing living room furniture. So TV furniture manufacturers began producing wood and glass TV stands, this has now developed into wide ranges of cherry,oak, walnut TV cabinets. The future of the market looks set to expand with more specialist manufacturers from Germany, Canada and the states launching new and innovative TV cabinets for Christmas 2009 and throughout 2010.

  • Stil Stuk 2053 - Good Quality Low Cost Stil TV Stand

    Stil Stand are based in wales and they manufacture a small range of glass TV stands, unlike rival low cost competitors Stil use 8mm glass on all of their stands, this thicker than average glass is one of the first factors which makes Stil Stands and in particular the Stil Stuk 2053 such great value. As an experienced retailer of TV stands we have extensive experience of television stands from manufacturers large and small, very few products maintain such a high standard of quality at this price point.

    The Stil Stuk 2053 is avalable in clear glass, the Stil Stuk 2053 CHCL and also in black glass the Stil Stuk 2053 CHBL. The black glass model is a particulary popular model and has been a consistent seller since it's release in 2008, we think the popularity is partly due to the universal multifit bracket, compatible with the vast majority of flat panel Plasma and LCD TV brands the Stil Stuk 2053 is easy to build and really brings the best aesthetics out of your TV. The only drawback of this fantastic TV stand is the failure to include a swivel bracket, rivals Alphason and Aquila both produce similar models with the Alphason AA-2G-BR and the Aquila FAV-S19B which are in similar price brackets but offer a rotating cantilever bracket. For less than £100 Stil have produced a quality product which will be found in living rooms all over the UK.

  • Tall TV Stands - Child Safe TV Stands

    The TV furniture market has been buoyant over the past few years, the result of this has been a whole host of new ideas and designs from a wide range of TV Stand manufacturers. One trend we as retailers have noticed is the rise in popularity of tall tv stands, at Big AV we have a massive range of these taller stands so we wanted to know why our customers liked these products. The one feature which seemed to particulary stand out was the safety they provided, so why are tall TV stands safer than traditional glass TV stands.

    Taller stands from manufacturers like Stil, Alphason, Aquila and Spectral to name but afew, usually feature a cantilever bracket, this means that the Plasma TV is physically attached to the stand, combined with the extra height this brings numerous benefits. In households with boisterous children or over excitable pets the TV will often be out of reach, keeping the delicate screen away from messy fingers and paws, perhaps more importantly however the TV cannot be pulled forwards or be moved at all, with a traditional glass table top stand it can be knocked which could cause the television on top to become unstable. Modern TV's are lighter than ever before, the lack of weight only increases the chance of it falling. When mounting on a cantilever TV stand the base is weighted and the TV is securely bolted to the bracket, some of these stands have a swivel or tilt bracket to increase viewing flexibility. Another safety feature comes with models which have a cable tidy facility as all the cables will run down the spine of the TV stand ensuring there are no dangerous trailing wires. Browse our wide range of TV stands at

  • Budget Cantilever TV Stand - Alphason AA-2G-BR

    Alphason are well known for high quality TV furniture, the UK market leader has a vast range of TV stands to suit a wide range of decors. Big AV works closely with Alphason and are proud to announce a special offer on the Alphason AA-2G-BR, this clear glass cantilever TV stand is available for just £99.99. Here at Big AV we always try to provide superb value to all of our customers, Alphason also recognise the importance of value for money and together we bring you this exceptional deal.

    The AA-2G-BR is a clear glass cantilever TV stand, the swivel bracket is suitable for the vast majority Plasma and LCD TV's sized from 32" up to 42",l so far we have not discovered any compatiblity issues except with Loewe LCD TV's. The clear glass cantilever TV stand has a sleek corner design perfect for positioning in the corner of a room or flat against a wall. Ample storage is available thanks to the tapered corner shape and a deep 2 shelf design. The glass has been fully tested to European standards and the raised height of the television increases safety in homes with boisterous children and pets. So if you need a safe and stable TV stand but don't want to break the bank take a look at the Alphason AA-2G-BR from Big AV.

  • Alphason to Streamline Iconn TV Stands

    The Alphason Iconn collection is a mixture of closed TV cabinets and cantilever TV cabinets, manufactured for the latest ranges of LCD TV's from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Sharp. Alphason will be discontinuing the colour variations of the Iconn ST480, Iconn ST860 and the Iconn ST870. The Alphason Iconn ST480, ST860 and ST870 remain current models in the gloss black finish.

    The Alphason ST600 90 and the ST600 90-B/2 will remain current models due to a consistent popularity which has made it difficult for Alphason to meet demand. There are also rumours regarding the launch of a new Iconn model with a larger inner cabinet with superior ventilation for storing AV equipment.

  • Techlink OP80B or Techlink OV95B

    The new Techlink Opod and Ovid ranges have been immensely popular, more and more people are opting for the funky curved designs of these stands as a fun alternative to traditional three shelf glass TV stand. The Techlink Opod TV stand is mounted on a chrome base and is ideal for LCD TV's sized up to 37", the Techlink Ovid series can be used for larger televisions. An interesting point to consider with both TV stands is that the internal glass shelf can be removed providing more internal space for larger AV equipment.

  • Big AV Expands TV Stands Range

    Big AV has just increased it's product range with new a whole host of new products. New models from Jahnke, Techlink and BDI bolster the Big AV product catalogue in addition to the introduction of Cuuba TV Stands. Big AV now has TV stands from 19 manufacturers and with plans to introduce new products from Italy and Canada, Big AV is set to remain at the cutting edge of TV furniture.

  • BDI Launch New Avion TV Cabinets

    BDI have launched a new range of Avion TV cabinets following the success of the predecessor, the original BDI Avion collection is made up of larger TV cabinets specifically designed for home cinema use. The new range of cabinets have new features including a strenthened steel chassis, a new steel plate holds the cabinet together for increased rigidity. The cupboard doors have also been fitted with a soft close mechanism and the glass fronts of the cabinets doors and drawers have increased in size for improved remote control functionality. The new cabinets are available in the same finishes of espresso on oakand natural stained cherry.

  • Techlink Launch Leather Tv Stand

    Techlink have launched an innovative new TV stand with a leather finish, never before seen in the TV furniture industry Techlink have released the B3B corner TV stand, initially the corner TV stand will be available in brown and black leather finishes, the aesthetics of the LCD stand will be finished with smoked glass. Already the Techlink B3B is becoming a very popular product and early sales indicate this stylish TV stand will become one of the most successful products on the market, high street retailer John Lewis will also be stocking the B3B but it will cost £40 more, than from Big AV.

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