Professional Home Cinema Installation

When it comes to the installation of a dedicated home cinema, AV enthusiasts are faced with two choices: do it yourself or call in a professional. Often, the budget will play a major role in that decision, but also the handyman skills of the enthusiasts themselves. If you are considering sourcing a professional company to install your home theatre, here's a few pointers to help you choose the right company and avoid disappointment.


Shop around

When it comes to installation providers in the UK you'll be spoiled for choice. The Internet is always a good place to start. Find the details of some local installation companies and give them an informal call. Tell them what you have in mind and get a few rough quotes. Alternatively, if you have a friend who has already used the services of an installation provider, ask them what their experience was like, what it cost and if they would recommend the company.


Once you have found a suitable installation provider, you'll have four important questions to ask:


1. Can the company provide solutions to cover your entire project brief?


2. Can the company complete the project within your proposed budget?


3. Are you dealing with a reputable and professional company with the necessary qualifications?


4. Does the company provide aftercare and continued support once the project is completed?


The 3 stages of home theatre installation:


Proposal and consultation

This is where you communicate your requirements to the company's project manager. He/she will then offer a variety of solutions and produce a detailed project plan for the installation.



Usually the project manager will work with other professionals (site managers, electricians etc.) to schedule and oversee the installation process i.e. cabling and fitting component parts to walls, floors and ceiling before the electronic equipment is installed.


Sign off

Only when you are completely happy with the work should you sign off the project. Remember that some kind of aftercare should be factored into the terms and conditions which will apply in the case of product failure.


Your home cinema is designed to give hours of entertainment for years to come. Make sure you are familiar with its usage and have been informed of any changes and/or developments that may arise in the future. This is also the reason why a proper and professional installation should include continued customer service long after the initial installation is complete.


Final handover

Once you are fully satisfied with the project you should ensure you have received an instruction guide for the basic equipment, an on-going customer support email and phone number and a warranty that covers parts and labour outside of the installation providers usual warranty period.


Once all this is done there's no more left to do than to sit back and enjoy your brand new home theatre with all your family and friends. Happy viewing!

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