Should I Use a TV Cabinet or Wall Mount for my Flat Screen TV?

Flat screen TVs have made home viewing of films or shows better than ever before One of the best things about these flat and lightweight televisions is the fact that they can be mounted to a wall or displayed on a stylish TV cabinet without weighing down or causing damage to the furniture. Owners of flat screen TVs basically have two options for displaying their sets in their home. They can either purchase a durable wall mount that will allow for cinema-style viewing, or buy a TV stand or cabinet to place the television at eye level.

Which is the best option for my new TV?

There really is no better option when it comes to how to display your flat screen TV. It all depends on how you want to view it and how it will fit into your current home d├ęcor. If you have a large enough space on an empty wall with nothing distracting around it, a wall mount would be an excellent choice. You can add a designer shelf or stand underneath to place a DVD player or other equipment if you wish. This is a preferred viewing option for many people because it helps to enhance the high definition experience.

TV stands and cabinets are another option to consider which has many advantages as well. With a stand or cabinet, there is no installation involved and all you have to do in most cases is sit your television atop the stand, and you are done. There are numerous styles of TV stands and cabinets available that range from classic and traditional to modernized and unique. These products usually have two to three shelves included, or more, for storing devices, remotes and other accessories.

Are there any disadvantages involved with Wall Mounts, TV Stands, or Cabinets?

When you purchase a wall mount, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your TV. Most wall mounts will be designed to hold a particular amount of weight, therefore you will need to know how much your television weighs before you go shopping. Sometimes they can be tricky to install and it usually requires more than one person to successfully install any type of wall mount.

You will also need to know the weight and dimensions of your TV when you purchase a TV stand or cabinet. This will help to ensure that your new cabinet will be able to support the weight of your TV. Some TV stands will allow you to mount the TV to the frame while others are a simple flat surface where you can place your TV.

If you are in the market for a new flat screen, it would be a good idea to look at your options for TV wall mounts, stands or cabinets before you purchase your TV so that you will be able to envision the ideal spot in your home for both your TV and your display. Either option is sure to be an exceptional upgrade to your current home furnishings and will allow you to enjoy your favourite shows and films even more.

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