Some Thoughts on Wireless Speaker Systems

With high levels of convenience and flexibility, wireless speaker systems are becoming increasingly popular with home cinema enthusiasts. But there's more to wireless than a simple lack of cables. Here are some thoughts on wireless speaker systems that may help with your own home theatre solution.

Wireless Home Theatre. The facts

Like it or not, the AV world will likely be filled with sockets and plugs, wires and cables for quite some time to come. Issues such as quality, pricing and security have yet to be figured out by the manufacturers of home entertainment technology so they can deliver at a price that covers their costs and still appeals to consumers.


This is not to say that wireless technology isn't already a popular feature of home theatres. Full home and PC integration via wireless solutions are readily available and the technology has reached the stage where the system set-up is usually just a case of opening the box and finding the nearest power socket. And while wired sound still holds sway with regards to sound quality, many wireless systems are catching up pretty fast.


Wireless speaker Systems. The technology

To understand the technology of wireless systems we must first acknowledge that in reality, there is no such thing.  We still need a cable and plug to a power source and without amplification, the speaker system isn't going to be of much use.


Battery-powered wireless speakers are available, but due to their relative lack of power, they are better suited to multi-room audio or for outdoor use and not for a dedicated home theatre. Which suggests that any wireless speaker set-up should be seen as less of a complete solution and more of a convenient method of speaker placement without having cables and wires trailing through the home.


Wireless home cinema. Important features

For reasons that are hard to understand, a lot of wireless speaker systems come without important features such as a remote control and an auto-standby that kicks in when no audio signal is available after a certain amount of time.

And, for sure, the remote control isn't something you would normally use with a wireless speakers system as part of a surround sound setup as the receiver volume would only need to be set once during the system installation But a remote would  definitely be useful handy if you're using a wireless speaker system in a multiple room scenario or even in a setup that encompasses the entire house.


Wireless home entertainment. A recommendation...

The wireless speaker technology may not be perfect but it has evolved to the stage where setting up a wireless system is as simple and straightforward as it can be. If all that is required is an add-on wireless speaker system to eliminate that annoying cable clutter, you don't have to bust your budget to do it.


It is difficult to predict if we'll ever need more technology than today's wireless speaker systems already have to offer and with perfectly adequate systems available for around £100, the wireless speaker solution is surely worth the investment.


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