Spectral High End TV Stands - HE1202 HE1203 HE1204 HSL1203

Spectral High End TV Stands are the pinnacle of TV stand design and engineering, Spectral are a German manufacturer and the products they produce are of a simply astounding standard. For people serious about audio and video quality these stands are fantastic, these high quality glass TV stands are available in two, three or four shelf stands. On the Big AV website these stands are pictured in clear glass with polished aluminium supports, it is possible to have these supports black anodised by Spectral and the glass in black or snow glass but it does cost extra.

Spectral also manufacture the HSL1203 which has all the same principles of high quality design and engineering, the stand uses 12mm glass as opposed to the 19mm glass used in the HE series. Again this stand is only pictured in clear glass, black glass and snow glass are available but subject to an extra charge, the aluminium supports can also be black anodised for an extra cost. One point to be considered is the lack of a cable tidy, as standard, again a cable tidy is available but at an extra cost.

The Spectral high end TV stands may be pricey but in terms of performance they are unrivalled, the thick glass and aluminium supports on an incredibly strong chassis reduce resonance and result in remarkable playback quality.

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