Stil Stuk 2052 - Is this the best, cheap cantilever TV stand for a 32"

Cantilever TV stands are consistently growing in popularity, the option of mounting a TV and raising the height saves space and increases safety, originally cantilever TV stands were made just for larger TV's. Today, there are a range of smaller cantilever TV stands avaiable, the black glass Stil Stuk 2052 CHBL and it's clear glass family member the Stil Stuk 2052 CHCL represent excellent value for money. Each one is just £84 on are there any products which can match the balance of quality, function and cost?

The short answer is no, in this price bracket there is simply nothing to compare to the Stil Stuk 2052. BDI manufacture the beautiful Aspect stands which will easily support a 32" but the asking price is £295 well more than three times more than the cost of the Stil, the BDI Aspect is beautiful but if you are looking for a budget option the BDI is unlikely to match your needs. Spectral also manufacture the Panel series of TV stands, the PL60 is attractive but again the price is substantially higher, the Alphason Alta Nero provides another option but again you are verging on the £300 mark. The only real alternative for under £200 is provided by the Aquila AB-K111 which is supplied with multiple bracket fittings for both smaller and larger TV sets. So I guess the fact of the matter is,; if you want a 32" cantilever TV stand can you really afford not to buy the Stuk 2052.

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