Stil Stuk 2053 Cantilever TV Stand - Only £99.00 with Free Delivery

Stilexo TV stands are good quality budget tv stands. The Stilexo range of cantilever TV stands have proved to be immensely popular, available in two sizes the Stil Stuk 2052 and the Stil Stuk 2053. Each of the models is available in both black and clear glass so in total there are four models.

The Stil Stuk 2053 has been slashed down in price to just £99.99 with free delivery. Originally the Stil product was only available at prices starting from £200, Big AV are always determined to offer our customers the ultimate value, so we slashed the price down to £139.00, following a massive surge in sales we entered lengthy negotiations with Stilexo and we are now proud to announce the Stil Stuk 2053 is only £99.00, a truly unbelievable price for a product of this calibre.

The Stil Stuk 2053 features 8mm thick glass, this means the stand is much sturdier than other similarly priced products which are constructed from 6mm glass. A universal mounting bracket is another positive aspect, as almost any make or model of TV (sized between 37" and 50") will fit onto the bracket, if in doubt do not hesitate to call us on 01484 420088 with your TV model number to confirm). Stilexo also designed their product with a simple cable management system to keep wiring hidden from view.

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