Stil Stuk 2053 - Good Quality Low Cost Stil TV Stand

Stil Stand are based in wales and they manufacture a small range of glass TV stands, unlike rival low cost competitors Stil use 8mm glass on all of their stands, this thicker than average glass is one of the first factors which makes Stil Stands and in particular the Stil Stuk 2053 such great value. As an experienced retailer of TV stands we have extensive experience of television stands from manufacturers large and small, very few products maintain such a high standard of quality at this price point.

The Stil Stuk 2053 is avalable in clear glass, the Stil Stuk 2053 CHCL and also in black glass the Stil Stuk 2053 CHBL. The black glass model is a particulary popular model and has been a consistent seller since it's release in 2008, we think the popularity is partly due to the universal multifit bracket, compatible with the vast majority of flat panel Plasma and LCD TV brands the Stil Stuk 2053 is easy to build and really brings the best aesthetics out of your TV. The only drawback of this fantastic TV stand is the failure to include a swivel bracket, rivals Alphason and Aquila both produce similar models with the Alphason AA-2G-BR and the Aquila FAV-S19B which are in similar price brackets but offer a rotating cantilever bracket. For less than £100 Stil have produced a quality product which will be found in living rooms all over the UK.

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