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  • Iconic UKGL-510 COMING SOON

    We are proud to be one of the first retailers to be getting the NEW Iconic UKGL 510 designer cantilever TV stand in stock.  This is a brand new product and is due in towards the middle of next month, so in plenty of time for Christmas.  Featuring an ultra modern high gloss black finish and having the ability to support an LCD or plasma up to 46" we know that this is going to be one of this seasons hot products. We expect to be taking pre orders from the first of November, once we have finalised the pricing with Iconic

  • Iconic TV Stands range now in Stock

    We now have the full Iconic TV stands range available to order on our site.  We currently have all the stands listed with photos dimensions and basic specifications but keep coming back as we will be adding full detailed descriptions to all of them shortly.  In the mean time if you need any information about any of the fantastic Iconic range you can call FREE on 08000 556209.

    With the addition of Iconic that takes the number of different brands we have available to 24.  But we are not content with just having the biggest range in the UK.  We aim to provide the worlds most comprehensive selection of TV and AV furniture, so keep checking back as we are always adding new and exciting products

  • Cantilever TV Stands - The History

    A cantilever TV stand is a tall TV stand with a built in bracket, this type of TV stand gives you a similar look to a wall mounted stand yet provides a much more practical and convenient solution.

    The first cantilever TV stands to be launched on  the market were the Alphason Apex series, these stands had a beautiful four shelved leaf design and were immensely popular, Alphason had just created a product which would shape the future of the TV furniture market.

    Following Alphason's move a new TV stand company off the wall released a range of TV stands all with the cantilever theme. Each of the off the wall products also featured a four way adapter for easy management of AV equipment, off the wall proved to be successful and led to the creation of more cantilever tv stand specialist companies in addition to mainstream companies introducing cantilever TV stands.

    Optimum launched the elmob TV stands, these European designed stands were of decent quality yet they significantly reduced the price of this type of TV furniture. Following Optimum's move the then market leaders, S&C releaed afew cantilever models.

    Today the cantilever TV stand market is dominated by Stil stands and Aquila TV stands. Alphason and Techlink are large mainstream brands with a strong ranges in the cantilever sector. Additionally high end manufacturers like Spectral and BDI also have a foothold on this market. New cantilever products are being released on a regular basis and the market is set to grow and adapt through the remainder of 2009 and thoroughout the whole of 2010.

  • TV Stand Website - UK Call Centre with Knowledgeable Staff

    Here at Big AV we don't just leave you to browse our products on our website and hazard a guess at which product is suitable for you, we offer a dedicated freephone sales line, each member of our sales team has extensive knowledge of the products and in most cases has built or used one of the TV stands we are selling.

    Unlike many of our competitors because our staff have hands on experience with products we are able to efficiently understand and answer your queries, will this cantilever TV stand support a 50" Plasma?, will my amplifier fit in between the shelves? How much space is there in the cable tidy? These questions will pose no problem to any of our staff, and even if they don't know the answer they will be more thn happy to go measure up a stand in our showroom for you.

    So whether you are looking for a glass TV stand, a wood tv stand, larger TV cabinet or a taller TV stand then at Big AV we can help you to find the product which is right foryou, for your TV, for your living room and for the whole of you AV entertainment system. So feel free to call us on 0800 055 6209 with any enquiries.

  • Tall TV Stands - Child Safe TV Stands

    The TV furniture market has been buoyant over the past few years, the result of this has been a whole host of new ideas and designs from a wide range of TV Stand manufacturers. One trend we as retailers have noticed is the rise in popularity of tall tv stands, at Big AV we have a massive range of these taller stands so we wanted to know why our customers liked these products. The one feature which seemed to particulary stand out was the safety they provided, so why are tall TV stands safer than traditional glass TV stands.

    Taller stands from manufacturers like Stil, Alphason, Aquila and Spectral to name but afew, usually feature a cantilever bracket, this means that the Plasma TV is physically attached to the stand, combined with the extra height this brings numerous benefits. In households with boisterous children or over excitable pets the TV will often be out of reach, keeping the delicate screen away from messy fingers and paws, perhaps more importantly however the TV cannot be pulled forwards or be moved at all, with a traditional glass table top stand it can be knocked which could cause the television on top to become unstable. Modern TV's are lighter than ever before, the lack of weight only increases the chance of it falling. When mounting on a cantilever TV stand the base is weighted and the TV is securely bolted to the bracket, some of these stands have a swivel or tilt bracket to increase viewing flexibility. Another safety feature comes with models which have a cable tidy facility as all the cables will run down the spine of the TV stand ensuring there are no dangerous trailing wires. Browse our wide range of TV stands at

  • Budget Cantilever TV Stand - Alphason AA-2G-BR

    Alphason are well known for high quality TV furniture, the UK market leader has a vast range of TV stands to suit a wide range of decors. Big AV works closely with Alphason and are proud to announce a special offer on the Alphason AA-2G-BR, this clear glass cantilever TV stand is available for just £99.99. Here at Big AV we always try to provide superb value to all of our customers, Alphason also recognise the importance of value for money and together we bring you this exceptional deal.

    The AA-2G-BR is a clear glass cantilever TV stand, the swivel bracket is suitable for the vast majority Plasma and LCD TV's sized from 32" up to 42",l so far we have not discovered any compatiblity issues except with Loewe LCD TV's. The clear glass cantilever TV stand has a sleek corner design perfect for positioning in the corner of a room or flat against a wall. Ample storage is available thanks to the tapered corner shape and a deep 2 shelf design. The glass has been fully tested to European standards and the raised height of the television increases safety in homes with boisterous children and pets. So if you need a safe and stable TV stand but don't want to break the bank take a look at the Alphason AA-2G-BR from Big AV.

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