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  • Gecko Furniture Launch New TV Stand the Gecko Orbit

    Gecko Furniture have launched a stylish new cantilever TV stand, the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 is a high quality TV stand designed to fit all major brand badges and models of LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens sized from 26" up to 50". The Gecko Orbit is supplied with a wide variety of screws and fittings so regardless of whether you have a Sony TV, Samsung TV or LG TV it should be a simple procedure to get it mounted onto the new Gecko TV stand.

    The Gecko Orbit is available in a choice of 5 finishes, you can choose the cantilever TV stand in gloss black, gloss white, gloss red or as a wood TV stand walnut and light oak wood effect finishes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GB Gloss Black

    All of the models feature piano black glass shelves, the colour choices apply to the rear panel of the TV stand. The three shelves are well supported and easily capable of supporting AV equipment & HiFi equipment such as DVD players, games consoles and Sky boxes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GW Gloss White £249.99

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-WNT Walnut £249.99

    As always with Gecko TV stands and TV cabinets the Gecko Orbit is practical as well as stylish, the TV stand features cable management ports in addition to magnetic panels, this combination of features makes it easy to hide unsightly wiring from view. The TV stand also features a swivel bracket which rotates approximately 30 degrees in either direction. Rubber isolation pads on the underside of the base ensure that both video and audio reproduction is enhanced when compared with a typical cantilever TV stand.

    We currently have all of the finishes of the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 in  stock and ready to be dispatched on our next day delivery service.

  • Aquila Release New TV Stands and TV Units

    Aquila have always sold products which offer something a little bit different and have always sold them at very reasonable prices, the latest products from Aquila are perhaps the best looking and the best value yet.

    Aquila have always been strong when it comes to manufacturing quality cantilever TV stands, previous models have proven to be very popular and also have stood the test of time. The latest ranges combine sleek aesthetics and make the perfect match for the latest Plasma TV's, LCD TV's and LED TV's.

    Aquila CRV-1100 Cantilever TV Stand

    Aquila CRV-1100 Cantilever TV Stand

    The Aquila CRV-1100 is simply stunning value for money, the cantilever TV stand can support TV's of up to 50" in size yet only costs £79.99, bargain!

    Other highlights of the Aquila range include the AIR-800.

    Aquila AIR-800 Cantilever TV Stand

    Aquila AIR-800 Cantilever TV Stand

    The quality TV unit features a cantilever TV mount in addition to cable management and a robust structure which can support TV's of up to 40kg in weight. The base is made from 12mm toughened glass and has been cleverly shaped so it can be placed in the corner of a room or against a wall.

    Aquila have also launched two wood TV stands, these stands are derived from the same design but one of them features a cantilever bracket, again these two TV stands are priced very, very competitively and unlike many of the products in a similar price range they feature a real wood veneer finish.

    Aquila WDM-1200 Wood TV Stand with Bracket

    Aquila WDM-1200 Wood TV Stand with Bracket

    The Aquila wood TV stand is only £179.99, despite being able to support TV screens of up to 50" in size, for the same stand without the cantilever bracket it will only cost £129.99.

    Browse the complete range of Aquila TV furniture to see more great value TV stands and TV units.

  • Why Cantilever TV Stands are So Popular

    In the wide world of TV stands there is now an almost unlimited amount of choice, but one particular type of TV stand seems to have become more popular than almost all of the other alternatives, the cantilever TV stand can now be found in all types of UK homes, these stands appeal to all types of people.

    Younger audiences love the way a cantilever TV stand looks like a wall mounted TV, of course the elegant styling also offers far more flexibility and practicality than a wall mounted television ever can. First of all cables can usually be integrated into the spine of a cantilever TV stand ensuring they are kept neat and tidy and most importantly completely out of sight, running cables has always been the achilles heal of wall mounted televisions.

    Cantilever TV stands are also the best option for families and pet owners, most modern TV stands for LCD TV's do not consider the fact that flat panel TV's have become physically lighter than ever before. A lighter television obviously means less stability, a standard glass TV stand simply accommodates the plasma TV screen on top of the TV stand, as it is only resting on the top it can be dislodged easily. A cantilever TV stand secures the TV by bolting it to the base heavy structure ensuring that the TV can not be knocked over easily and that safety increases significantly.

  • The Differences Between TV Stands, TV Cabinets, TV Furniture and Cantilever TV Stands

    The TV furniture market is buoyant and ever expanding as more people come to realise a TV stand is not just a functional necessity but it can also be a stylish piece of furniture in it's own right. In the UK alone there are over 30 quality manufacturers producing quality AV furniture for all tastes and budgets.

    Glass TV stands are the norm, these have been manufactured since the emergence of flat panel televisions, the most popular manufacturers of glass TV stands include Optimum international, Stilexo and Portability. Available in clear glass, black glass with a mix of black legs, chrome legs, silver legs and brushed steel supports. Glass TV stands come in a range of sizes, they are usually found in a three shelf variety. Corner shapes, oval TV stands and taller TV stands are all available from online retailers like ourselves.

    TV cabinets are the markets latest trend, high quality wooden cabinets with luxurious finishes like BDI's natural stained cherry and espresso on oak. Gloss black TV cabinets have also proved to be popular evidenced by the huge sales of the Techlink Opod and Techlink Ovid ranges of cabinets.

    Cantilever TV stands are a more modern concept and suspend the Plasma, LCD or LED TV in mid air giving a similar effect to a wall mounted TV screen. This idea is becoming more and more popular as parents prefer the safety of a TV which is positioned higher and the public have now come to realise wall mounting is actually a complex procedure which will require alot of thought to ensure wiring is convincingly concealed.

    Visit our web site for a great range of all types of TV stands.

  • Are Clear Glass TV Stands the New Black Glass TV Stands?

    In the early days of the flat panel television, the only options for your Plasma screen were aither a wall mount bracket or a clear glass TV stand. As time progressed black glass TV stands with chrome legs were released and became hugely popular as more and more of the Plasma and new LCD TV's were manufactured in an all black finish. Over time some consumers grew tired of garish chrome legs and preferred the more subtle styling of an all black TV stand.

    So what are todays TV stand trends, reading around some forums the concept of TV lift cabinets came up, this concept did threaten to become a major TV furniture trend, but in the end the sheer c0st of these TV units in addition to issues with practicality these stands have never truly made it mass market. Cantilever stands have proved to be one of the trendiest types of TV stands with some ultra cool designs like the  Aspect 9760 from BDI TV stands.

    However the trend we have noticed as furniture retailers is that the biggest demand increase has been on traditional clear glass TV stands, TV manufacturers like Panasonic have gone back to basics and started to manufacture some LCD TV's with a silver finish and consumers once again seem attracted to clear glass stands as an understated home for their new TV. As always Big AV seeks to respond with fantastic offers which offer simply the best value to our customers, so keep an eye out in the glass TV stands section where there will be some sensational offers on clear glass TV stands and clear glass cantilever TV stands.

  • The Best TV Stands of 2009

    We are now approaching the end of 2009, it may be remembered as a year of financial hardship and woe but here at Big AV we would rather take a more positive look and in this post we will be nominating some of the most innovative and interesting TV stands worthy of being classed as the best TV stands of 2009.

    Glass TV Stands-

    As the bread and butter of the TV furniture industry glass TV stands make up a large proportion of TV furniture so which ones provide the best style and value for money?

    The portability GT-7 combines a stylish corner shape design with good quality toughened safety glass, available as a clear glass and silver stand, black glass with chrome or as an all black TV stand the portability GT-7 is an ideal budget solution and we don't think there is anything as stylish and dependable for such a small sum of cash.

    Cantilever TV Stands-

    The cantilever TV stand market has come on leaps and bounds through 2009, old favourites like the Stil Stuk 2053 CHBL still present excellent value for money, the clear glass Stil Stuk 2053 now has stiff competition from the budget Alphason AA-2G-BR which is a fabulous budget option with a swivel facility, Alphason have also enjoyed great success with the Iconn ST600 and the BDI Vista is a sensational high end option, but all in all we think the best blend of value, style and quality is provided by the Aquila at just £249.99 this beautiful TV stand looks a lot more expensive than it really is and make a superb home for the latest ranges of flat televisions and with a class leading cable management system the Aquila cantilever TV stand will really take some beating in 2010.

    TV Cabinets-

    2009 was the year of TV cabinets, when flat panel TV's came into the market glass TV stands were modern, trendy and cool and the TV cabinet was seen as old fashioned, that has all changed now with the release of some ultra smart TV cabinets from US manufacturers BDI and Salamander Designs as both have released inspirational designs, the Wenge wood finish of the Salamander designs berlin cabinets looks superb, for anyone who is interested in one of these we have one in our Huddersfield showroom, it is well worth taking a look as the finish looks much better in real life than on a picture, our favourite TV cabinet of 2009 is the glossy BDI Marina, combining modern styling and contemporary features the BDI Marina has been a roaring success as a high end home for your LED, LCD or Plasma TV.

    So that's what we think, let us know what you think, have we missed any killer products, is there a brand that we have not mentioned you think offer superb value or design?

    2010 will see the release of even more quality products including the release of ultra slim wall brackets, more closed Hifi racks and a whole range of cinema seating.

  • Contemporary TV Stands or Antique TV Furniture

    The TV stand and TV cabinet market has shown some strange patterns and trends over the years, the question we are posing today is whether we will see more ultra modern TV stands or more contemporary TV stands in the future, as the design of the television screens has become ever more glossy and ever more modern some TV furniture has moved in the same direction this can be evidenced with the mix of cantilever TV stands which are now available on the market, other contemporary designs include the fantastic mickey mouse TV stand, combining modern shelving with cleverly designed media storage compartments and a truly unique shape and design.

    For every modern product which has been released there has been a surprising response as many major manufacturers have created TV furniture with antique styling, most of these designs have come from the states the true home of antique TV furniture, with a wide range of brands combining traditional styling with modern features, these designers include Salamander Designs and BDI TV stands, both of these brands manufacture a whole range of television cabinets with traditional styling.

    Surprisingly we are seeing more and more TV furniture and wood TV stands, than ever before, maybe the ultra modern looks of the TV's themselves leave consumers looking for ways to tone down the effect of high tech equipment and create a more welcoming, homely ambience in their living rooms.

  • Iconic UKGL-510 COMING SOON

    We are proud to be one of the first retailers to be getting the NEW Iconic UKGL 510 designer cantilever TV stand in stock.  This is a brand new product and is due in towards the middle of next month, so in plenty of time for Christmas.  Featuring an ultra modern high gloss black finish and having the ability to support an LCD or plasma up to 46" we know that this is going to be one of this seasons hot products. We expect to be taking pre orders from the first of November, once we have finalised the pricing with Iconic

  • Iconic TV Stands range now in Stock

    We now have the full Iconic TV stands range available to order on our site.  We currently have all the stands listed with photos dimensions and basic specifications but keep coming back as we will be adding full detailed descriptions to all of them shortly.  In the mean time if you need any information about any of the fantastic Iconic range you can call FREE on 08000 556209.

    With the addition of Iconic that takes the number of different brands we have available to 24.  But we are not content with just having the biggest range in the UK.  We aim to provide the worlds most comprehensive selection of TV and AV furniture, so keep checking back as we are always adding new and exciting products

  • Has TV Stand and TV Furniture Design Gone Too Far?

    As we have previously documented in this blog the TV furniture market has seen rapid and relentless expansion with more and more new, innovative products released on the market every month. Ambitious designers and manufacturers have looked for new and exciting ways of housing a LED, LCD or Plasma TV, while some of the results are staggering the beautiful BDI TV Stands for example, some television furniture may have taken a few wrong turns somewhere in the design.

    The Dalcans design cube television cabinet is certainly revolutionary but it does remain debatable as to whether this kind of ultra modern TV cabinet has a place in the UK market. The designers basically decided that it was boring and restrictive to just place a TV on top of a cabinet and that this kind of futuristic design is superior in terms of visuals and functionality.

    The American market has seen more and more innovation and the media wall concept seems to really be catching on across the Atlantic, whether or not these modernistic stands will be a concept which catches on here in the UK. Cantilever TV stands have now caught on here so maybe we can expect to see some movement from the UK market with this type of product. I guess many people will think these manufacturers are lunatics and that they would never put something so obtrusive in their living rooms, but for somebody with the right living space a piece of contemporary luxury TV furniture could be the icing on the cake for your home cinema system.

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