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  • New TV Stands, TV Cabinets and TV Furniture in November

    We are now midway through November which means the majority of brands have released their final product lines and are ready for the peak season. As always with Big AV we strive to bring you the latest products as quickly as possible so here is a breakdown of the new items we expect we will be sending out over the next couple of months.

    The Just Racks JRA series of TV cabinets are a line of products we expect to do very well over the Christmas period, combining the German build quality of their sister company Spectral with the a design essence which is not dissimilar to the ever popular BDI TV stand brand, the interesting point to make about these LCD, and Plasma cabinets is the price point, at around half the cost of their American counterparts these LCD TV cabinets are superb value for money, the Just Racks JRA series is supplied in a range of different finishes and styles making the some models in the product range suitable for traditional living spaces and others are suited to contemporary surroundings.

    Other interesting arrivals include the latest offerings from Stil Stands aka Stilexo TV stands, some unique combinations of wood and glass at Stil's trademark budget price point are likely to be hugely popular during the festive period. Iconic have also released a new cantilever TV stand which looks abit different and Alphason have some good quality budget cabinets for sale.

    There are so many quality TV furniture units on the market why should you accept the tacky glass stand curry's throw in with the TV?

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