• Gecko Furniture Launch New TV Stand the Gecko Orbit

    Gecko Furniture have launched a stylish new cantilever TV stand, the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 is a high quality TV stand designed to fit all major brand badges and models of LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens sized from 26" up to 50". The Gecko Orbit is supplied with a wide variety of screws and fittings so regardless of whether you have a Sony TV, Samsung TV or LG TV it should be a simple procedure to get it mounted onto the new Gecko TV stand.

    The Gecko Orbit is available in a choice of 5 finishes, you can choose the cantilever TV stand in gloss black, gloss white, gloss red or as a wood TV stand walnut and light oak wood effect finishes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GB Gloss Black

    All of the models feature piano black glass shelves, the colour choices apply to the rear panel of the TV stand. The three shelves are well supported and easily capable of supporting AV equipment & HiFi equipment such as DVD players, games consoles and Sky boxes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GW Gloss White £249.99

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-WNT Walnut £249.99

    As always with Gecko TV stands and TV cabinets the Gecko Orbit is practical as well as stylish, the TV stand features cable management ports in addition to magnetic panels, this combination of features makes it easy to hide unsightly wiring from view. The TV stand also features a swivel bracket which rotates approximately 30 degrees in either direction. Rubber isolation pads on the underside of the base ensure that both video and audio reproduction is enhanced when compared with a typical cantilever TV stand.

    We currently have all of the finishes of the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 in  stock and ready to be dispatched on our next day delivery service.

  • The Role of TV Stands and TV Cabinets in Contemporary Homes

    When flat screen and Plasma TV screens were first released on the market glass TV stands were released as a modern and practical solution for housing these new thin TV sets. However as time has passed TV furniture has become more sophisticated than ever before, no longer are TV stands and cabinets designed with only function in mind. A large number of manufacturers produce high quality TV cabinets in a range of tasteful finishes.

    Although some consumers are unsure about TV furniture, as the need for TV furniture is quite a new concept many consumers do not think about a TV cabinet in the same way as they would a bedroom set, a dining table or a new leather sofa.

    The dining table is a place close to our hearts. It symbolizes the center of the home and family activities to most of us and when we decorate our homes, there is always some part of us that wants to keep that traditional view of the dining area. A range of contemporary dining tables are available online and in store and consumers have always had a huge selection to choose from.

    TV furniture however is different, even though Plasma, LED and LCD TV stands are a piece of furniture which will be seen and used on a daily basis many consumers are apprehensive about purchasing quality TV & AV furniture. Big AV specialize in TV stands and TV cabinets from a wide range of manufacturers offering a large variety ensuring quality and value throughout. The new Gecko TV cabinets offer modular designs and intelligent performance features and Jahnke TV cabinets are also a popular choice for consumer with a wide range of LCD, LED and Plasma TV cabinets in wooden TV stands. Most of our cainets are made from real wood veneer, this is because solid oak furniture may warp due to the heat emitted from AV equipment.

  • Buying A TV Stand for Your New LCD, LED or Plasma TV, Which Suits Your Room Aesthetics

    When choosing your TV furniture it is important to consider the surroundings, ideally you want your TV stand to accommodate all of your AV equipment in style without sacrificing functionality. It is always critical you purchase a TV stand which can support the weight of your LCD, LED or Plasma television and also offers sufficient cable management to keep all wiring under control.

    Once you have satisfied this criteria you can then move onto thinking about the styling of the TV stand or TV cabinet. When purchasing TV stands for LCD TV's it is critical that you consider the interior design of your living room. The first thing to think about is what kind of floor you have, companies like iFlooring, one of the few laminate flooring companies in Londonprovide a database of flooring information to help you the customer, make the most informed choice regarding products and suppliers. Once the flooring is decided you need to make sure your TV stand matches, if you have a walnut floor have a look at Walnut TV cabinets.

    Also consider who lives in your household, if you have pets or children a cantilever TV stand may make more sense because the TV will be suspended in the air away from inquisitive fingers or paws respectively. If you have low seating you may be better off with a two shelf TV stand so you are not looking up at the TV screen. Those who are challenged for space may find a corner TV stand a sensible option as it tucks deep into the corner of the room saving space.

  • Just A Few Things You Should Think About Before Buying A TV Stand or TV Cabinet

    Obviously we have had to learn a thing or two about what makes a good TV stand. With our range of over 800 TV furniture units we have seen pretty much everything that top brands have to offer when it comes to housing your TV.

    Cable management is one of the first things you should consider when purchasing a TV stand or TV cabinet. Modern flat panel TV's are beautiful in design and construction and with a site like Big AV you have a wide range of TV stands for LCD TV's which offer equally beautiful aesthetics, but before you buy what you think is the perfect TV stand ensure that it features an intelligent cable management system ensuring all wiring is kept well out of sight.

    A good TV stand will have a rigid structure which resists rather than amplifies vibrations, if you are placing your centre channel speaker onto the TV stand this becomes even more important as any kind of resonance will seriously reduce your overall enjoyment of our film or music. A good TV stand will resolve these issues significantly reducing the resonance and improving sound quality.

    The other important thing to think about when you are purchasing a TV stand is the overall flexibility and interior space, it is critical you can fit all of your equipment inside but you should also consider the future, are you planning to get Sky TV? If so remember you need to accommodate that box, we find the best strategy is always to buy something with more internal space than is initially required and go for a TV stand with adjustable shelves to give you that extra flexibility if it is ever required.

    Of course you should also consider how it looks, do you want a glass, gloss wood or stained wood finish? Consider the surroundings, the type of flooring you have is also important, we would recommend browsing on the internet for laminate flooring, you will be provided with a database of flooring information to help you the customer, make the most informed choice regarding products and suppliers. What kind of shape TV stand are you looking for, do you want a cantilever TV stand which offers an excellent alternative to wall mounting or would you prefer a corner black TV cabinet? A TV stand is a piece of furniture which most people will look at every day so it's worth spending a little time and money in getting the right piece of furniture for you.

    I hope these points can help people out, if you have further questions, feel free to contact us here for friendly advice....

  • Iconic TV Stands range now in Stock

    We now have the full Iconic TV stands range available to order on our site.  We currently have all the stands listed with photos dimensions and basic specifications but keep coming back as we will be adding full detailed descriptions to all of them shortly.  In the mean time if you need any information about any of the fantastic Iconic range you can call FREE on 08000 556209.

    With the addition of Iconic that takes the number of different brands we have available to 24.  But we are not content with just having the biggest range in the UK.  We aim to provide the worlds most comprehensive selection of TV and AV furniture, so keep checking back as we are always adding new and exciting products

  • Television Furniture and the Future

    TV furniture has seen rapid changes since the turn of the millenium, this is mostly due top the introduction and runaway success of flat panel Plasma and LCD TV's, since their introduction many manufacturers of TV furniture have been born, in the past the TV stand was always supplied with the TV itself, but when flat panel TV's were introduced some people wanted to wall mount so including a glass TV stand in the price would have been unnecessarily raised costs.

    Therefore a new market for TV furniture arrived, this enabled new manufacturers to use creativity, design experience and innovation to create exciting new products which produced a clear wow factor. Initially the trendy glass stands were an ultra cool style statement and a world away from the dated granny cabinets and cheap plastic stands of the past. As flat panel TV's have become more mass market the shiny effect of a glass stand has been eroded away and the 3 shelf glass TV stand is now perceived as the standard. Manufacturers are now creating wide and low stands, unique corner plasma stands, tall LCD TV stands and full ranges of high quality made to order wood TV furniture. As time progresses there is more and more of an expectation for the consumer to find a product which is exactly what they are looking for and will fit the purposes of their requirements exactly, custom made furniture will become more popular for AV and home cinema use and cantilever TV stands will be manufactured with more adjustable features and shelving options to ensure that a consumer can fit an amplifier, speaker or DVD player exactly where they want it. The TV furniture market has become more competitive and is more consumer orientated than ever before, this means manufacturers have to be on the ball but it means that for consumers, there is no need to compromise.

  • TVs Always Look Better on a TV Stand

    Flat panel TV's are a stylish addition to any living room, the electrical giants have invested millions into the physical and aesthetical design of this contemporary product, and you have also spent substantial cash to decorate your living room, therefore it is important to make sure your TV looks the business and to do that you will need a TV stand. TV stands are available in glass, wood and metal, there are many different manufacturers and designs, no matter what size or brand of Plasma, LCD or LED television you have there is a TV stand which is perfect for you.

    Tall TV stands come in the form of cantilever TV stands which feature a bracket mount to raise the TV in the air, this creates a floating effect similar to wall mounting, however cantilever TV stands are a much more flexible option and they do not ruin your wall and involve a far smaller degree of hassle because you do not need to worry about running cables through the wall. Wood TV stands have grown in popularity and are now available in a wide range of finishes from a vast range of manufacturers. Glass TV stands are the most popular solution, there are many products available starting from very low prices, black and clear glass designs are the most popular.

  • Why TV Stands are the Best Way of Accomodating a LCD, LED or Plasma TV

    Since the television was invented there has always been a need to place the television somewhere, throughout time many different ideas have been experimented with since the invention of the TV, by businesses, schools and private consumers, it turns out nobody has reached a definitive solution.

    Websites like Big AV now exist because of the overwhelming number of LCD TV Units, Plasma TV cabinets, TV Stands and High Definition TV Furniture units being manufactured here in the UK, in Europe, in America and in the far east. Many people place their TV on an existing cabinet, sideboard or table but this is not the best way to go. Often these kinds of general furniture items have not been designed to absorb vibrations resulting in unpleasant vibrations which not only ruin the viewing and listening experience but also run the risk of damaging the furniture underneath. Traditional cabinets may seem like the perfect place to keep a TV and A equipment but often these products do not have adequate ventilation this could easily result in damage to the equipment itself and if the cabinet is real wood over exposure to excess heat may result in the cabinet warping. Dedicated TV stands and TV furniture feature specially designed cable management systems ensuring that cables can be hidden from view, this is a luxury you do not find on basic sideboards or antique furniture.

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