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  • TV Stands: Does Colour Matter?

    In the past when you purchased a TV you purchased it with a matching stand, so if you were buying a black TV it would be supplied with a black wood or a black plastic stand, the unobtrusive black stands may have not been the most stylish pieces of furniture but they were unobtrusive, matters got worse when wide screen TV's were introduced and Silver TV's became commonplace, the downside to this was the legions of cheap looking plastic silver TV stands which looked every bit out of place in a traditional living room as a little dog does in a handbag.

    Thankfully some things of changed, unfortunately handbags are still a form of transport for many small dogs but now TV furniture is available in many sizes and styles which neatly integrate into traditional and contemporary living rooms alike. BDI and Salamander Designs now produce beautiful wooden TV stands in tasteful finishes like American cherry, natural stained cherry, espresso on oak, black stained oak, medium walnut and light oak. Some manufacturers prefer solid oak furniture, solid wood furniture tends to be heavier and many consumers prefer a solid wood piece of furniture to a veneered piece. This can look especially attractive in interiors with Solid Oak Floors and can really complete such a room setting. The beauty of these products is that the natural aesthetic design can actually become a part of the ambience of your living room rather than fighting against it yet the advanced internal design and features make them far superior to a traditional cabinet or sideboard when storing and using television and home cinema equipment.

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