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  • Why Cantilever TV Stands are So Popular

    In the wide world of TV stands there is now an almost unlimited amount of choice, but one particular type of TV stand seems to have become more popular than almost all of the other alternatives, the cantilever TV stand can now be found in all types of UK homes, these stands appeal to all types of people.

    Younger audiences love the way a cantilever TV stand looks like a wall mounted TV, of course the elegant styling also offers far more flexibility and practicality than a wall mounted television ever can. First of all cables can usually be integrated into the spine of a cantilever TV stand ensuring they are kept neat and tidy and most importantly completely out of sight, running cables has always been the achilles heal of wall mounted televisions.

    Cantilever TV stands are also the best option for families and pet owners, most modern TV stands for LCD TV's do not consider the fact that flat panel TV's have become physically lighter than ever before. A lighter television obviously means less stability, a standard glass TV stand simply accommodates the plasma TV screen on top of the TV stand, as it is only resting on the top it can be dislodged easily. A cantilever TV stand secures the TV by bolting it to the base heavy structure ensuring that the TV can not be knocked over easily and that safety increases significantly.

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