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  • New Gecko TV Stands, TV Furniture & HiFi Racks

    Here at Oakfield Stores we are always looking to improve our product offering, in recent weeks we have added new ranges of bedroom furniture to our website and also increased our offering of executive desks & office furniture on our website, so we are delighted to announce we have now launched some new products on

    Gecko make some of our most popular products, Gecko products always look stylish and also offer value for money. Gecko have now launched some new AV furniture products which we are sure our customers will love.

    The Gecko Agate AGA315 is a taller than average TV stand or TV unit which is equally suited to being used in a living room, bedroom or dining room. The stylish TV stand offers plenty of storage with twin storage drawers in addition to twin magazine or remote control compartments on each side of the stand. As always with Gecko furniture the units feature a simple yet effective cable management system.

    The Gecko Agate is available in either high gloss black or high gloss white finishes.

    Gecko have also expanded on their range of Hi-Fi racks, the Gecko Tower TOW500 was one of our most popular products, and it is not difficult to see why, despite its really low price point the Tower provided solid build quality and good capacity. One of the minor criticisms we had with the product was that the shelves were fixed making storage a little inflexible, however Gecko have acted upon this and have now made the shelves height adjustable. In addition to improving the 5 shelf HiFi rack, Gecko have also launched the TOW400 and the TOW600 which are 4 shelf and 6 shelf Hi-Fi racks respectively.

    We have plenty more new products in the pipeline, keep your eyes out for a new range of low cost, high gloss bedroom furniture in addition to some new office furniture and home office furniture products.

  • New Dedicated Office Furniture Website and New TV Stand, TV Unit & TV Cabinet Website Coming Soon

    Big AV have been a leading supplier of TV stands, TV cabinets and TV units for years, a couple of years ago we made the decision to supply office furniture which has proven to be successful. We have now launched a brand new office furniture website to help us make an improved offering to our customers.

    Our new website features a wide variety of clever features including a class leading smart filter system which allows users to quickly filter through our wide range of office furniture products, whether you are looking for walnut desks, executive desks or leather office chairs you will be able to quickly filter out irrelevant results and display products which match your needs effortlessly. It is even possible to combine filters enabling you to choose a combination of features you are looking for, if you have a certain space that you need to fill you can filter out desks that are too small or large using the dimensions filters, these can then be combined with colour and style filters (or any other filter) making it quick and easy to show all of the white desks we have that are in an executive desk style and no wider than 1400mm. The new website also allows users to compare products side by side so you can make sure the product you are choosing is the best value for money. We will also be adding a new Shop by Brand feature which will enable a user to view full matching ranges of products, so you will be able to effortlessly view the full Alphason Rio office furniture range, with all desks, bookcases and filing cabinets arranged in a convenient order.

    The Big AV website will soon be switching over to this new platform as we continue to try and improve our web user experience and deliver the widest, most competitively priced range of TV stands & Cabinets, TV furniture and TV accessories on the market.

  • New Budget Corner TV Stands, TV Cabinets and TV Units

    Here at Big AV we have always done our very best to bring you the best selection of good value TV stands and TV units in the UK, we have worked to source quality TV stands from top brands like Alphason and Norstone, and we think we've done it again with our exclusive range of budget TV stands by Aquila AV technology. The new black glass TV stands are available in a choice of 3 sizes, the smaller 800mm TV unit is perfect for all 26"-37" LCD TV's, the medium sized (1000mm wide) TV stand will comfortably accomodate all makes and models of flat TV sized from 32" up to 47" and for those of you who have just purchased a new Sony, Panasonic or Samsung TV in a larger size of up to 55" the 1200mm wide Aquila base TV stand will fit the bill perfectly.

    Despite the low price tags the new Aquila stands certainly do not compromise on quality, each of the toughened glass shelves has been tested to BS6026 standards. The black TV stands have a space saving corner shape, helping to reduce the amount of floorspace needed to accomodate your TV and giving you more flexibility with your interior design. As with the vast majority of our TV furniture the new TV stands feature a cable management system. In terms of value we think these stands offer much more than other TV stands and TV Cabinets offered by leading retailers, with a lower price and dare we say it more stylish design when compared side by side against this TV stand from Comet and we even beat the price of supermarkets have a look at the TV stands available at Sainsbury's to see what we mean. So regardless of whether you have the new LG TV or a Sony internet TV visit our website or call or friendly customer service team and get yourself a quality corner TV stand without breaking the bank.

  • Gecko Furniture Launch New TV Stand the Gecko Orbit

    Gecko Furniture have launched a stylish new cantilever TV stand, the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 is a high quality TV stand designed to fit all major brand badges and models of LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens sized from 26" up to 50". The Gecko Orbit is supplied with a wide variety of screws and fittings so regardless of whether you have a Sony TV, Samsung TV or LG TV it should be a simple procedure to get it mounted onto the new Gecko TV stand.

    The Gecko Orbit is available in a choice of 5 finishes, you can choose the cantilever TV stand in gloss black, gloss white, gloss red or as a wood TV stand walnut and light oak wood effect finishes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GB Gloss Black

    All of the models feature piano black glass shelves, the colour choices apply to the rear panel of the TV stand. The three shelves are well supported and easily capable of supporting AV equipment & HiFi equipment such as DVD players, games consoles and Sky boxes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GW Gloss White £249.99

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-WNT Walnut £249.99

    As always with Gecko TV stands and TV cabinets the Gecko Orbit is practical as well as stylish, the TV stand features cable management ports in addition to magnetic panels, this combination of features makes it easy to hide unsightly wiring from view. The TV stand also features a swivel bracket which rotates approximately 30 degrees in either direction. Rubber isolation pads on the underside of the base ensure that both video and audio reproduction is enhanced when compared with a typical cantilever TV stand.

    We currently have all of the finishes of the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 in  stock and ready to be dispatched on our next day delivery service.

  • International TV Furniture: Plasma and LCD Stands & Cabinets From Overseas

    The UK TV furniture market has rapidly expanded, many new brands have entered the UK TV furniture market and existing manufacturers have expanded their ranges with releases of new products as they try to cater for a wider range of consumer tastes and budgets, but as usual in the UK we are missing many of the most exciting products on the market.

    BDI TV furniture and Salamander Designs TV furniture have made it across from the states, other imports into the UK include the two German manufacturers Spectral and Jahnke who both manufacture high quality LCD stands and Plasma cabinets. Here in the UK we are clearly missing some inspirational designs like the Lovan brand of television stands which has become famous in the USA, it is well known for the innovative TV lift cabinets, these ingenious TV cabinets conceal a flat panel TV inside the cabinet which lifts out of the top when you want to watch it. It's not just sheer innovation where the US is ahead of the game, in terms of options and flexibility for example if you desire a taller TV cabinet there are products like this hooker TV cabinet is the perfect solution for accommodating a modern Plasma TV and blending it into traditional surroundings. Unlike many of the more traditional TV stands, these designs are made as a solid oak tv stand, for a more natural look in the home.

  • TV Cabinets - Why Buy a TV Cabinet?

    Many people spend a long time deciding which LCD or Plasma TV they should buy, often people fail to consider what furniture they are going to put the TV on, this results in a rushed purchase of a cheap glass stand which doesn't actually match the decor or the current selection of furniture in the room.  It doesn't have to be like this....

    There are a wide range of TV cabinets available to suit all tasted and budgets which have been specically designed for use with home cinema equipment and televisions. So why should you buy a TV cabinet instead of just an ordinary cabinet which you could sit the TV on top of. TV cabinets are designed around the basis of using a TV and other electrical components, this means TV cabinets have excellent cable management with each compartment containing a space to accomodate and run cables to the back of the TV. Each compartment of a TV cabinet has been measured to offer enouugh space to accomodate both the width and depth of AV components. A traditional cabinet will offer little if any ventilation, TV cabinets like the BDI Avion series offer flow through ventilation preventing equipment from overheating which improves quality and preserves the lifespan of AV components, particulary with amplifiers and Hi-Fi. A traditional cabinet is unlikely to offer much in the way of remote control access, whereas some TV cabinets use glass or tinted glass compartment fronts enabling remote controls to function perfectly whilst AV components remain enclosed away from messy fingers and paws and protected from harmful dust. Some TV cabinets even offer media storage with specially designed homes for DVD's and CD's.

    In the past you may have been unable to find a TV cabinet which matched your current furniture or interior decor but nowadays there is such a great range of products available from a whole host of brands, check out and take a look at the vast selection of TV cabinets on offer.

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