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  • Gecko Furniture Launch New TV Stand the Gecko Orbit

    Gecko Furniture have launched a stylish new cantilever TV stand, the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 is a high quality TV stand designed to fit all major brand badges and models of LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens sized from 26" up to 50". The Gecko Orbit is supplied with a wide variety of screws and fittings so regardless of whether you have a Sony TV, Samsung TV or LG TV it should be a simple procedure to get it mounted onto the new Gecko TV stand.

    The Gecko Orbit is available in a choice of 5 finishes, you can choose the cantilever TV stand in gloss black, gloss white, gloss red or as a wood TV stand walnut and light oak wood effect finishes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GB Gloss Black

    All of the models feature piano black glass shelves, the colour choices apply to the rear panel of the TV stand. The three shelves are well supported and easily capable of supporting AV equipment & HiFi equipment such as DVD players, games consoles and Sky boxes.

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-GW Gloss White £249.99

    Gecko Orbit ORB1000-WNT Walnut £249.99

    As always with Gecko TV stands and TV cabinets the Gecko Orbit is practical as well as stylish, the TV stand features cable management ports in addition to magnetic panels, this combination of features makes it easy to hide unsightly wiring from view. The TV stand also features a swivel bracket which rotates approximately 30 degrees in either direction. Rubber isolation pads on the underside of the base ensure that both video and audio reproduction is enhanced when compared with a typical cantilever TV stand.

    We currently have all of the finishes of the Gecko Orbit ORB1000 in  stock and ready to be dispatched on our next day delivery service.

  • Gecko Furniture Launch White TV Units: Gecko Reflect TV Cabinets and Gecko Impro Corner Stand in White

    Gecko Furniture have released some gloss white TV units and TV cabinets.  Gecko will initially launch the Impro IMP900 in a gloss white finish in addition to the complete Reflect series of TV cabinets, so the REF550, REF800 and REF1100 will all be given a gloss white finish. Each of the Reflect and Impro cabinets will be supplied with a black glass top, made from a toughened, scratch resistant tempered glass panel. For consumers who would prefer a white top on their cabinet Gecko have finished the cabinet tops in gloss white so users do not necessarily need to use the black glass top.

    Gecko also plan to release the Sapphire SAP1200 and the Opal OPA1200 in gloss white finishes. We can also expect to see some new Gecko TV stands which will also be finished in gloss white in the future.

    Gecko Impro IMP900 Corner TV Stand

    Gecko Impro IMP900 Corner TV Stand

    The Gecko Impro IMP900-GW is a space saving, corner shaped TV stand. The closed sides and rear panel and cable management system ensure wiring stays out of view. The two lower doors feature a push to open mechanism and can be used to store CD's, DVD' and remote controls.

    Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW TV Cabinet

    Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW TV Cabinet

    The Gecko Reflect TV cabinet series consists of 3 models, the REF550 (for TV's up to 32", the REF800 (for TV's up to 37" or the REF1100 (for TV's up to 55"). The Gecko Reflect TV units are modular in design so multiple cabinets can be linked together to create one larger TV cabinet.

    Gecko MBM1000-GW Multi Fit TV Mount Bracket

    Gecko MBM1000-GW Multi Fit TV Mount Bracket

    The Gecko MBM1000-GW multi fit TV mount bracket enables the vast majority of flat Plasma and LCD TV's sized from 32" up to 55" to be mounted to the back of a Gecko TV cabinet, the MBM1000-GW also features height adjustable bracket arms and a rotating bracket plate enabling your TV to be rotated 30 degreed in any direction.

    If you would like any further information regarding the new Gecko range or any other TV stands please feel free to contact us either by telephone: 01484 420088 or email: sales@big-av.co.uk.

  • White TV Furniture is Growing in Popularity

    As the flat panel TV furniture market has grown, consumers often expect more than a clear glass or black glass 3 shelf TV stand, in the early days of Plasma TV's these stands were different and provided a trendy way of housing the ultra stylish and then expensive Plasma TV, as flat panel prices fell so did the cost of glass stands and they are no longer considered an ultra stylish solution anymore, they are simply too common.

    The latest trend of TV furniture seems to be white TV furniture, with more and more consumers purchasing white furniture and more and more manufacturers manufacturing new models and styles. White furniture helps to brighten up a room and complements laminated flooring and wooden flooring, particulary suited to large open plan rooms the large white TV cabinets from manufacturers like BDI have become a very fashionable home for your Plasma, LCD or LED TV.

    White furniture gives a room a sense of space, the light colour helps to keep the natural light of the room and keeps the room feeling airy and fresh. Many of the new white TV stands and cabinets are finished in brilliant gloss white, a trend also seen in car manufacturing with a flood of brilliant white high end vehicles on the road. So when you are giving your living room a makeover consider what it might look like if those familiar colours were injected with a gloss white TV cabinet.

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