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  • The Role of TV Stands and TV Cabinets in Contemporary Homes

    When flat screen and Plasma TV screens were first released on the market glass TV stands were released as a modern and practical solution for housing these new thin TV sets. However as time has passed TV furniture has become more sophisticated than ever before, no longer are TV stands and cabinets designed with only function in mind. A large number of manufacturers produce high quality TV cabinets in a range of tasteful finishes.

    Although some consumers are unsure about TV furniture, as the need for TV furniture is quite a new concept many consumers do not think about a TV cabinet in the same way as they would a bedroom set, a dining table or a new leather sofa.

    The dining table is a place close to our hearts. It symbolizes the center of the home and family activities to most of us and when we decorate our homes, there is always some part of us that wants to keep that traditional view of the dining area. A range of contemporary dining tables are available online and in store and consumers have always had a huge selection to choose from.

    TV furniture however is different, even though Plasma, LED and LCD TV stands are a piece of furniture which will be seen and used on a daily basis many consumers are apprehensive about purchasing quality TV & AV furniture. Big AV specialize in TV stands and TV cabinets from a wide range of manufacturers offering a large variety ensuring quality and value throughout. The new Gecko TV cabinets offer modular designs and intelligent performance features and Jahnke TV cabinets are also a popular choice for consumer with a wide range of LCD, LED and Plasma TV cabinets in wooden TV stands. Most of our cainets are made from real wood veneer, this is because solid oak furniture may warp due to the heat emitted from AV equipment.

  • TV Stand Website - UK Call Centre with Knowledgeable Staff

    Here at Big AV we don't just leave you to browse our products on our website and hazard a guess at which product is suitable for you, we offer a dedicated freephone sales line, each member of our sales team has extensive knowledge of the products and in most cases has built or used one of the TV stands we are selling.

    Unlike many of our competitors because our staff have hands on experience with products we are able to efficiently understand and answer your queries, will this cantilever TV stand support a 50" Plasma?, will my amplifier fit in between the shelves? How much space is there in the cable tidy? These questions will pose no problem to any of our staff, and even if they don't know the answer they will be more thn happy to go measure up a stand in our showroom for you.

    So whether you are looking for a glass TV stand, a wood tv stand, larger TV cabinet or a taller TV stand then at Big AV we can help you to find the product which is right foryou, for your TV, for your living room and for the whole of you AV entertainment system. So feel free to call us on 0800 055 6209 with any enquiries.

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