Tall TV Stands - Child Safe TV Stands

The TV furniture market has been buoyant over the past few years, the result of this has been a whole host of new ideas and designs from a wide range of TV Stand manufacturers. One trend we as retailers have noticed is the rise in popularity of tall tv stands, at Big AV we have a massive range of these taller stands so we wanted to know why our customers liked these products. The one feature which seemed to particulary stand out was the safety they provided, so why are tall TV stands safer than traditional glass TV stands.

Taller stands from manufacturers like Stil, Alphason, Aquila and Spectral to name but afew, usually feature a cantilever bracket, this means that the Plasma TV is physically attached to the stand, combined with the extra height this brings numerous benefits. In households with boisterous children or over excitable pets the TV will often be out of reach, keeping the delicate screen away from messy fingers and paws, perhaps more importantly however the TV cannot be pulled forwards or be moved at all, with a traditional glass table top stand it can be knocked which could cause the television on top to become unstable. Modern TV's are lighter than ever before, the lack of weight only increases the chance of it falling. When mounting on a cantilever TV stand the base is weighted and the TV is securely bolted to the bracket, some of these stands have a swivel or tilt bracket to increase viewing flexibility. Another safety feature comes with models which have a cable tidy facility as all the cables will run down the spine of the TV stand ensuring there are no dangerous trailing wires. Browse our wide range of TV stands at www.big-av.co.uk.

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