Techklink Opod TV Stand - Black Opod Back in Stock at Big AV Just £229.99

Big AV are proud to announce we have managed to get hold of a substantial quantity of the highly desired Techlink Opod TV stands in the increasingly hard to come by black finish, although many online retailers are advertising this product very few actually have stock and you may face a substantial waiting time. Big AV have an excellent working relationship with Techlink and we have managed to secure plenty of the black opod TV stand. We also have the red and white versions in stock and ready for delivery.

The Black Opod TV stand is suitable for any make or model of LCD or Plasma TV, TV's sized between 26" and 37" look best on this curvy TV stand. The Opod design has received praise from the press including the respected What HiFi Sound and Vision magazine in addition to a more than warm response from consumers and retaielrs. The unique combination of retro sixties styling mixed with a contemporary finish provides a funky home for your Plasma or LCD TV. Since it's launch at the beginning of the year the Techlin Opod has become more and more popular, the problem is UK company techlink have reached maximum output at their factory and they simply cannot produce enough to meet the demand, but worry not Big AV are just one click or phone call away and we will deliver the Techlink Opod direct to your door free of charge.

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