Techlink B3B and OP80B Back in Stock at Big AV

The Techlink range of TV furniture has seen a vast increase in popularity during 2009, this has meant that the funky and innovative units of AV furniture have become commonplace in homes across the UK, the downside to this sudden surge in sales is that the UK manufacturers Techlink simply cannot meet the excessive demand they have experienced. Techlink have upped production but are still unable to satisfy the demand for these highly desirable TV stands, the two models which have been particulary difficult to find are the Techlink Opod OP80B and the Techlink B3B leather LCD and Plasma TV stands.

The Techlink B3B is a beautifully constructed corner TV bench with a unique brown leather finish combined with toughened safety glass and an intelligent, space saving corner design. Ideal for TV's of all makes and models the Techlink is a stylish alternative to a common gloss black glass and chrome TV stand. A cable management system system and a high quality finish make the Techlink B3B an excellent TV stand for both modern and traditional living areas.

The Techlink Opod OP80B is probably the best selling piece of TV furniture this year, the beautiful, curvy Opod design combines modern engineering with retro styling to create a totally new and fresh product which has become a firm favourite with the consumer. The solid build quality, easy to use cable management and easy build stands make it a firm favourite of ours too. Big AV now have substantial stock levels of both these products and are able to dispatch on our fast and reliable delivery service.

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