Techlink OPOD TV Stand Price Comparison

The Techlink Opod TV Stand has become one of the most popular TV stands on the market and it's not difficult to see why, the blend of retro styling, a glossy finish and Techlink's build quality have ensured the OP80B is a firm favourite for both consumers and retailers. So where is the cheapest place to buy one of these TV stands, here is a list of retailers and prices-

Techlink Opod Black OP80B - £199.99 including delivery - £229.99 including delivery - £264.99 including delivery - £244.99 including delivery - £244.99 including delivery

Techlink Opod White OP80W - £239.99 - £264.99 - £244.99 - £259.99 - £249.99

At the time of writing this article all prices are correct according to the Google shopping network, all retailers claim to have the TV stand in stock. When purchasing a TV stand it is always best to check delivery times and try to arrange a suitable date for delivery, some retailers allow you to choose a specific delivery address or can arrange delivery to a family member or work address if it is difficult for you to be home during the day. Always measure the space you will be placing the TV stand in to make sure it is suitable.

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