Television Furniture and the Future

TV furniture has seen rapid changes since the turn of the millenium, this is mostly due top the introduction and runaway success of flat panel Plasma and LCD TV's, since their introduction many manufacturers of TV furniture have been born, in the past the TV stand was always supplied with the TV itself, but when flat panel TV's were introduced some people wanted to wall mount so including a glass TV stand in the price would have been unnecessarily raised costs.

Therefore a new market for TV furniture arrived, this enabled new manufacturers to use creativity, design experience and innovation to create exciting new products which produced a clear wow factor. Initially the trendy glass stands were an ultra cool style statement and a world away from the dated granny cabinets and cheap plastic stands of the past. As flat panel TV's have become more mass market the shiny effect of a glass stand has been eroded away and the 3 shelf glass TV stand is now perceived as the standard. Manufacturers are now creating wide and low stands, unique corner plasma stands, tall LCD TV stands and full ranges of high quality made to order wood TV furniture. As time progresses there is more and more of an expectation for the consumer to find a product which is exactly what they are looking for and will fit the purposes of their requirements exactly, custom made furniture will become more popular for AV and home cinema use and cantilever TV stands will be manufactured with more adjustable features and shelving options to ensure that a consumer can fit an amplifier, speaker or DVD player exactly where they want it. The TV furniture market has become more competitive and is more consumer orientated than ever before, this means manufacturers have to be on the ball but it means that for consumers, there is no need to compromise.

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