The 10 Worst Films of 2016

Yep, it's that time again. Today we're talking about some of the truly awful films that crawled across our cinema screens in 2016. And there were quite a few to choose from — some so bad that we not only questioned why we even bothered to fork out the price of the admission ticket — we began to ponder the very meaning of our paltry existence! But before we get into the nitty gritty of the worst of the howlers, here's a few (dis)honourable mentions:


Inferno starring Tom Hanks, Collateral Beauty with Will Smith and Michael Fassbender's Assassins Creed, had most of us reaching for the king-sized (empty) popcorn bucket. We could go on listing some of the more peripheral cinematic failures, but we won't. So here without any further ado, the worst films of 2016.


The Darkness

The film which had cinema audiences all over the country asking themselves two questions: Why was it even made? And what on earth is Kevin Bacon doing in it? 2016 had it's fair share of rubbish horror films, (along with some surprisingly good ones), but Darkness was definitely the inglorious leader of the pack.


God's of Egypt

So bad it was hilarious. God's of Egypt had theatre audiences laughing out loud because besides the poor acting and the ridiculous script, the film took itself so seriously that just about everyone in the theatre audience gave up caring about five minutes in. Perhaps if watched it again as a comedy it might work. But it probably won't.


Shut In

A whole load of film fans came out of the cinema after watching Shut In with still absolutely no idea what the film was actually about. To say the film is boring is putting it nicely. Someone wanders around a house for 90 minutes and at the end there's a horribly contrived plot twist. Which, in a nutshell, is about all we can say without resorting to more derogatory expletives.


Max Steel

Okay, to be fair, not many people made the effort to go out and watch this cinematic mess. Those who did venture into mostly empty theatres invariably reached for their iPhones and to play Candy Crush after enduring the first half hour. Max Steel is easily the worst superhero film of last year.


The Other Side of The Door

Critics may have been torn over The Other Side of The Door. The film received a mix of both good and bad reviews. Most of the paying public however, hated it. And with good reason. Yet another really, really bad horror film with a plot that seemed to collapse in upon itself long before the extraordinarily contrived finale'. Too self serious to be even remotely scary, the film was a disappointment, to say the least.


When The Bough Breaks

A lot of cinema audiences are still in denial after watching When The Bough Breaks. They just can't believe they paid for, and then sat through the whole mess. Basically, the film is another Fatal Attraction rip off which doesn't get within shouting distance of the original. We have to ask ourselves how many times a standard plot can be rehashed, remixed and chewed through a blender before something original and good comes out the other side? Okay, don't answer that.



A lot of us were excited about watching Cell. Until we actually got to see it. A Stephen King adaption starring Samuel Jackson and John Cussak, the film appeared to have all the ingredients for a rewarding viewing experience. Wrong. The film is laughably bad. Just the opening airport scene was enough to bring the audience to a derisive chuckle. And from there things went rapidly downhill. Poorly directed throughout and with an ending that made no sense whatsoever, the best parts of this one were probably left on the cutting room floor, (if you'll pardon the cliché).


Norm of The North

Okay, you know a film made for children is bad when the kids in the theatre are getting restless and moaning to their parents they're are bored and want to go home. And the kids weren't the only ones. It's an animated film with a polar bear voiced by Roy Schneider, so on paper Norm of The North had everything going for it. Originally destined to go straight to DVD, some studio executives got together and decided to give it a shot at theatres. Bad mistake. Not quite the worst film of the year, but it gets pretty close.


The Disappointments Room

Directed by D.J. Caruso and starring Kate Beckinsdale, the film is about a young mother and her son looking for a fresh start—but when they move into their new dream home they unleash a terror beyond their wildest imaginations. Or words to that effect. In truth the film is massive bore which not even the gorgeous Kate Beckinsdale can get us through. This probably, reigns supreme as the worst horror film of 2016. 'Nuff said.


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