The Best Way to Display Your New Curved TV

Curved screen TVs have been making waves in the electronics industry for several months now and many consumers have already jumped on the bandwagon to try out this new growing trend. Most of the major TV brands such as Samsung and Sony have already released curved TVs in various screen sizes and have seen sales rise as the feature gains more popularity. Many people who already own a curved TV say that it provides them with a brand new viewing experience that allows them to become completely immersed in the program they are watching. And owners that are into changing up their home d├ęcor appreciate the fact that these new TV models have a sleek, contemporary design that looks very futuristic.

Wall Mount or TV Stand? Which is the Best Option

Since the dawn of flat screen TVs there has been basically two ways to display a TV, by using a wall mount or placing the television on a stand. While a TV stand can provide you with extra storage compartments, many people enjoy the look and convenience of a wall mount because it saves space in a small room and provides the viewer with a cinematic experience.

So when it comes to the new curved TV screen, which is the best option? A wall mount or a TV stand? First you need to look at the features of the curved screen itself in order to determine which option is best. Curved TVs are designed with what is known as a sweet spot for viewing. This is arguably one of the best and worst features of these newer models. The sweet spot is the area of the room where you get the best overall viewing experience. This is directly in front of the centre of the screen. If you choose to sit at an angle while watching a curved TV, you could experience some viewing angle issues.

Choose a Full-Motion Wall Mount for the Best Viewing Experience

A full-motion wall mount that allows you to move and tilt your TV easily at any time is the ideal way to display your curved TV. This allows you to view the screen from the sweet spot no matter where you may be seated in the room. Choosing a wall mount that allows you to extend your TV from the wall and swivel it either left or right eliminates the limits associated with stationary stands or wall mounts. This helps to make every seat in the house the best seat in the house.

When buying a wall mount be sure to look for one that is compatible with your new curved TV. Along with choosing a mount that will support the size and weight of your set, you will also need to find one that has the correct VESA hole pattern as many older wall mount models may not be compatible with the design of these newer TV models. Also, be sure to look for a full-motion mount that will swivel freely so that you will not need to make adjustments every time you want to move your screen from left to right. By doing so you will be able to get the most out of your brand new TV investment.

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