The Best Way To Remote Control Your Home Theatre

Some might argue that the best thing about having your own home theatre is the fact that it allows multiple devices and technology to create a unique cinema experience. But having an arsenal of devices at your disposal can also be quite a challenge. Remote control is one of them. But help is at hand and the days of juggling 10 to 12 remote controls in the dark are over. Universal, high-end remote controls are able to take the place of a whole barrage of single remotes, and just to make life even easier, they come with illuminated buttons and screens!


Just about everything in your home cinema can be controlled remotely; curtains, lighting, air conditioning, heating and motorized projection screens. So it's wise to choose a remote that can work with non-AV equipment. Here are a few of the features you might want to consider when buying a universal remote control:


  • A single remote to control both AV and non-AV infrared, but also RF devices.
  • A backlit display or LCD screen
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • In-built charger to avoid constantly having to change the batteries
  • Easy to find and use buttons
  • Task control button for controlling multiple devices with a single button
  • A PC-based and computer interface programming function
  • A database of device programming codes as provided by the manufacturer


Modern remotes are customizable to the extreme. Some can be programmed from a PC. Others incorporate touch-screen smart phones which allow you to determine everything you need, even the layout of the buttons. Universal remotes can identify any device and create a long list of tasks from dimming the lights, adjusting the room temperature, drawing curtains to turning on your AV receiver, disc player and of course, the TV. And all of this with the touch of a single, back-lit button.


The remote connects to a database of thousands of devices via a PC interface, and for the rare occasion a device is not included in the database, the 'smart' remote 'learns' from other remote controls. And just as with AV devices, lighting, heating, air conditioning and other remotes can all be replaced with a single universal remote control unit.


Lights, heating and air conditioning

If you're doing a new installation, it's important to remember to include remote controlled sockets, lights and thermostats into your system. For existing rooms, you have the option of adding wall switches, connectors and outlets and connectors for overhead lights which can all be controlled by the single remote.  New, remote controllable thermostats can also be added. Some models even allow you control of devices via a wireless router and a Web-based interface.


So if you're planning on installing a home theatre into your home, or revamping an existing one, the integration of a single, universal remote control device is well worth considering. They are guaranteed to greatly enhance your viewing comfort and pleasure!

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