The Importance of A Website for TV Stand Manufacturers

Here at Big AV we put great emphasis on trying to make our website as useful and as informative as possible, if you think we are failing to do this in any way please feel free to post a suggestion, we are always looking for ways to improve, what we find interesting is that many manufacturers have websites which often lack the vital information you are looking for as a potential purchaser of a TV stand.

Lets start with the good, American manufacturers BDI and their UK distributors Optimum have superb websites which are informative and could significantly aid a customer who was thinking of purchasing a TV stand or a TV cabinet, the whole BDI product range is clearly laid out and each product contains bucket loads of info and additional pictures to help a customer make the right decision. Other fantastic TV stand websites from manufacturers include the Alphason website, the Salamander Designs Website and the Audinni websites show how it can and should be done.

Unfortunately some manufacturers need to put in abit of work, Spectral and Just Racks are superb brands of television furniture, however the websites are difficult to use and that is if you are lucky enough to land on the website in the English language. This is where we at Big AV try to make life easier for you as a consumer, compare our Spectral TV Stand pages to that of the manufacturer, we spend hours looking through brochures, taking pictures and checking specifications with the people who make the TV stands and then try to roll of this TV furniture information into one simple product page. We think we do this process pretty well, but if you have any suggestions or think we need to include more detailed information in some areas let us know and we will take this on board and try to improve our website.

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