Top AV Must Haves for 2015

As we come to an end of another year it is time to take a look at the top audio/video trends for 2015 and why these products were so popular among consumers.

Curved TVs

The latest innovation in the television industry for 2015 was the curved TV screen. This new screen style has changed the way that viewers watch their favourite programs, sporting events and movies once again by offering a clearer, crisp image that is more like a cinematic experience. At first the Curved style was not as accepted by consumers since many people were unsure about the picture quality, especially if you were sitting to the side of the screen. But after major brands such as Sony and Samsung started releasing their own curved varieties, more people became inclined to this new television fad.

Smart TVs

Even though they have been around for a few years, new advancements in technology have made Smart TVs more popular than ever in 2015. Streaming content, games, internet access and other features have helped to make these TVs more desirable for all types of viewers. While they are now available in a wide range of sizes including affordable smaller screens, most TV experts recommend investing in a large screen Smart TV for optimal viewing pleasure.

Modernized TV Stands

The very best way to show off your brand new Curved TV or Smart TV is to place it on a modernized TV stand. Today’s stands have so much more to offer than traditional wooden stands that only supplied you with ample storage space. Now you have cable management systems and remote control friendly glass doors that allow you to have access to all your devices even while the doors are shut. Modern TV stands are available in a variety of styles and colours for you to choose from that go with all types of home décor.

Cantilever Stands

The cantilever TV stands provide you with all the benefits of a TV stand and the optimal viewing experience that goes along with a wall mount. These TV stands are excellent choices for viewers that want something different for their home entertainment set up. They provide you with plenty of storage space and a unique way to showcase your brand new flat screen TV.

Sound Bars

While flat screen TVs may have plenty of benefits, one thing that many of them lack in is sound capabilities. Many of today’s high quality televisions do not deliver amazing sound. That is why sound bars have become so popular over the past several years. These devices take up less space than the older surround sound models and provide just as much if not more sound quality. They make a great addition to any home entertainment setup and allow you to enjoy high definition sound while watching your favourite movies or TV shows.

If you have not had a chance to check out these top AV fads for 2015, you can add them to your TV room along with other new items that are sure to make an impression among audio/video fans.

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