Top Features to Look for When Buying a New TV

If you are in the market for a new TV, there are several features that all consumers should be looking for if they want to buy a television that can keep up with all the latest improvements in home entertainment. Here are just a few of the specifications that you should be aware of if you want your new TV to remain up-to-date for many years to come.

 4K Resolution

In case you haven’t already heard while browsing the latest TV models, 4K resolution is the best resolution offered in the industry at the moment. This technology provides the viewer with a screen resolution that is 4x higher than that provided by Full HDTVs for a clearer, more vibrant picture. Experience true-to-life image quality like you have never seen before with this feature. Most top brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung already have 4K TVs on the market while other brands are sure to release their own models in the future.

User Friendly Smart TV Platform

These days if you don’t own a Smart TV you are missing out on some of the very best programming and entertainment options available. This feature allows you to connect your TV to your home’s wireless network so that you can have access to streaming content and a wide assortment of apps designed for every member of the family. Not all Smart TVs come with a user interface that is easy for beginners to catch onto, so if you are new to this type of technology, it is best to go with a model that offers a user-friendly platform. The latest Smart TV models from Samsung, such as the JS9500 series, feature one of the best platforms for new and advanced users alike.

Voice and Gesture Controls

Voice command features have been available on several devices such as gaming consoles for a few years now. However many consumers are not sure how to use these features, or find them more troublesome to use than simply picking up the remote. With the addition of built-in cameras on newer Smart TV models, gesture controls are now being offered along with voice commands allowing users to change the channel or turn up the volume with a simple movement. While they may not have gotten off to a solid start, these features have greatly improved over the years and are likely to be offered on most TV models in the future.

Refresh Rates

A refresh rate is the number of times an image is refreshed on the screen each second. This rate can range from 60Hz up to 120Hz on newer TV models. A better refresh rate means that there will be less lagging and motion blurring on the screen while you are watching action-filled sequences on movies, sports programs, or while playing video games. Some TVs will help to fill in the gaps caused by refresh rate issues. This is known as interpolation which can help to double the frame rate of whatever content is on the screen. While it may be helpful with some types of content, such as video games, it is usually not needed with standard programming and can usually be turned on and off as needed.

Shopping for a new TV can be a hassle and no one wants to spend a lot of money on a device that will not be relevant once something bigger and better has come along. By learning more about what features are available on the latest TV models, you can help ensure that your new TV purchase will be a worthwhile investment for future TV viewing.


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