TV Cabinets - Past, Present and Future

In the days of CRT television each of the larger living room TV's was supplied with it's own TV cabinet. These were usually made from cheap black plastic and featured glass cabinet doors. Sony pioneered this concept and included black TV cabinets with all Trinitron models above 25". Although classier wood TV cabinets were available as a separate purchase from furniture manufacturers they often lacked cable management facilities and despite improved aesthetics were not always practical solutions. The next phase of the CRT's lifespan was the wide screen revolution, most major manufacturers switched the colour of the television set exterior to silver, and with this new modern finish television producers started to supply silver plastic and glass TV stands instead of the more traditional cabinets, so was the TV dead?

The introduction of the flat panel television completely transformed the TV furniture market, most of the major TV manufacturers stopped making stands, this opened up the opportunity for TV furniture companies. In the early days of flat panel the market was dominated by glass TV stands, as time progressed some consumers desired a solution which not only supported their television in a practical way but which matched their existing living room furniture. So TV furniture manufacturers began producing wood and glass TV stands, this has now developed into wide ranges of cherry,oak, walnut TV cabinets. The future of the market looks set to expand with more specialist manufacturers from Germany, Canada and the states launching new and innovative TV cabinets for Christmas 2009 and throughout 2010.

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