TV Cabinets - Why Buy a TV Cabinet?

Many people spend a long time deciding which LCD or Plasma TV they should buy, often people fail to consider what furniture they are going to put the TV on, this results in a rushed purchase of a cheap glass stand which doesn't actually match the decor or the current selection of furniture in the room.  It doesn't have to be like this....

There are a wide range of TV cabinets available to suit all tasted and budgets which have been specically designed for use with home cinema equipment and televisions. So why should you buy a TV cabinet instead of just an ordinary cabinet which you could sit the TV on top of. TV cabinets are designed around the basis of using a TV and other electrical components, this means TV cabinets have excellent cable management with each compartment containing a space to accomodate and run cables to the back of the TV. Each compartment of a TV cabinet has been measured to offer enouugh space to accomodate both the width and depth of AV components. A traditional cabinet will offer little if any ventilation, TV cabinets like the BDI Avion series offer flow through ventilation preventing equipment from overheating which improves quality and preserves the lifespan of AV components, particulary with amplifiers and Hi-Fi. A traditional cabinet is unlikely to offer much in the way of remote control access, whereas some TV cabinets use glass or tinted glass compartment fronts enabling remote controls to function perfectly whilst AV components remain enclosed away from messy fingers and paws and protected from harmful dust. Some TV cabinets even offer media storage with specially designed homes for DVD's and CD's.

In the past you may have been unable to find a TV cabinet which matched your current furniture or interior decor but nowadays there is such a great range of products available from a whole host of brands, check out and take a look at the vast selection of TV cabinets on offer.

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