What Are The Advantages of A TV Cabinet Specially Designed For Use With A TV?

On the surface of things the luxurious TV cabinets from manufacturers like BDI, Spectral and Salamander Designs may seem expensive, however when you delve deeper you can understand that there are many advantages of a dedicated home cinema cabinet when comparing it to a traditional sideboard or table.

Firstly ventilation, dedicated TV cabinets are always designed with a system to expel hot air and pull through cooler air, BDI use their unique flow through ventilation system and Salamander Designs even offer a unique active cooling system. Too much heat not only jeopardises playback quality, both visually and sonically, it is the main cause of damage and malfunction to home theatre components. Excess heat may not cause instantaneous damage but it can accelerate the life of AV equipment, so that £1000 amplifier might only last 3 years in an overheating cabinet whereas it may still be good after 20 years if it receives sufficient ventilation.

Cable management needs to be well thought out if a cabinet is to successfully accomodate AV equipment in a practical and functional way in addition to being a practical home where wiring can be run from one piece of equipment to another without an unsightly spaghetti junction scenario that is a more than regular occurance in UK homes. Adjustable shelving and removable back panels ensure dedicated TV cabinets will be able to support and give you access to your AV equipment, a lack of removable rear panels would make wiring up your home cinema system nigh on impossible.

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