What to Look For in Audio Video Technology in 2016

2015 was a great year for AV enthusiasts. We saw many new trends come and go, some with staying power and others that just didn’t have what it takes to stick around. With advancements in technology helping pave the way for new AV trends, 2016 is sure to be a another excellent year for those of us who want to enhance our home entertainment systems. Here are just a few things that you may want to look out for in the coming months.

Advancements to AV Receivers

If you are in the market for anew AV receiver that will help improve your video capabilities then you are in luck. There will be plenty of new AV receivers available in the coming months that will include features such as Dolby surround sound, Internet radio capabilities, wireless functions and Bluetooth connections. Some of the top models to look out for in 2016 include the Onkyo TX-NR the Sonty STR-DN, Pioneer VSX and the Denon AVR.

4K TVs to Become an Industry Leader

The 4K TV movement started in late 2015 and really took off during the holiday buying season. This advanced technology has allowed TV enthusiasts to enjoy viewing all their favourite programs in the highest resolution that is available. Whether you enjoy watching on your classic flat screen or prefer the new and innovative curved TV screen, you have to agree that 4K resolution has helped to vastly improve the overall image quality of today’s televisions. Look for bigger screen sizes and more Smart TV features to be available on 2016’s 4K TV models.

Audio Video Furniture Options for 2016

With all the new high tech options for televisions that are now available, consumers who are on a budget are more likely to purchase a big screen TV with standard features since these models have become more affordable. A bigger TV calls for a much larger TV stand or cabinet. Big AV has a large selection of TV Cabinets, Sands and Wall Mounts that will help to complete your TV room. There are many stylish modern designs available as well as a large selection of classic contemporary stands and cabinets that feature wooden finishes and plenty of storage space for all your media and components.

Some of the AV furniture options you may want to consider for the new year include the City Scape Collection which is perfect for any living room space or den, or the BDI Corridor Range of TV Cabinets that features a unique style ideal for any type of home setting.

No matter what type of audio video technology, or furniture, you are into, you are sure to find the right items that will bring new life to your home entertainment set-up throughout 2016. Be sure to turn to Big AV whenever you are in need of new AV storage or display solutions for your home. We have a great reputation in the industry for providing customers with high quality products at exceptional prices.

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