White TV Furniture is Growing in Popularity

As the flat panel TV furniture market has grown, consumers often expect more than a clear glass or black glass 3 shelf TV stand, in the early days of Plasma TV's these stands were different and provided a trendy way of housing the ultra stylish and then expensive Plasma TV, as flat panel prices fell so did the cost of glass stands and they are no longer considered an ultra stylish solution anymore, they are simply too common.

The latest trend of TV furniture seems to be white TV furniture, with more and more consumers purchasing white furniture and more and more manufacturers manufacturing new models and styles. White furniture helps to brighten up a room and complements laminated flooring and wooden flooring, particulary suited to large open plan rooms the large white TV cabinets from manufacturers like BDI have become a very fashionable home for your Plasma, LCD or LED TV.

White furniture gives a room a sense of space, the light colour helps to keep the natural light of the room and keeps the room feeling airy and fresh. Many of the new white TV stands and cabinets are finished in brilliant gloss white, a trend also seen in car manufacturing with a flood of brilliant white high end vehicles on the road. So when you are giving your living room a makeover consider what it might look like if those familiar colours were injected with a gloss white TV cabinet.

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