White TV Stands - Buyers Guide

There has been a recent and evident trend of White TV stand sales increasing, now more and more manufacturers are releasing white TV stands giving consumers more options than ever before. Although the market is growing and television furniture manufacturers are releasing more and more pieces of white tv furniture than ever before the range is still quite limited in comparison to the sheer volume of black glass tv stands which have flooded the market. Additionally it can be difficult to find a shop or a website which has anything like a comprehensive range of these products, follow the link for a large range of white tv stands, tv cabinets and tv units.

Here is a breakdown of manufacturers and a brief description of their white products-


PTV5WGW and PTV1WWG and PTV4WGW - Snow glass classic glass TV stands with white supports.

OP80W and OV95W - Curvy open TV cabinets beautifully finished in gloss white a must see.

B2W and OVT1 - Traditional TV cabinets in a white finish.


ABR800 and ABR1100 - Classic design television cabinets in white finishes.

AUR800 and AUR1100 - Unique curved wood designs, combining elements of TV cabinets and TV stands, well worth a look.


mon120 - Closed white TV cabinet with a gloss finish


FAV-S19W and AB-K111W - Ultra stylish white cantilever TV stands, well worth viewing, totally different to any other products on the market.

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