Why Flat Screen TVs Changed TV Furniture Forever

Before the days of flat screen televisions if you wanted to buy some TV furniture you would have to either use the stand supplied with the TV itself, made by Panasonic, Sony or Sharp or whoever, or you would have to purchase a generic furniture cabinet which has not bee specifically designed for home cinema use. This all changed with the introduction of flat panel TV's, in the early days of Plasma televisions Alphason launched and successfully promoted various glass TV stands, suddenly consumers realised that they didn't have to tolerate the garish and cheap plastic designs which electrical manufacturers gave away with their products and they actually had a little bit of choice of when it came to purchasing TV furniture.

Electrical giants like Sony responded with new TV stand designs which aimed to emulate the successes of companies like Alphason, Optimum and Spectral, however these were generally limited in options and overpriced. It quickly became apparent that consumers were expecting more and more choice, today TV stands and TV cabinets are a type of furniture in their own right, with a whole host of brands and manufacturer's, at Big AV we currently stock 23 brands of TV furniture, so whether you are looking for clear glass, black glass, walnut wood, espresso on oak or black stained oak we have products to meet your desires.

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