Why Its Important to Have Adequate Ventilation and Cooling with Amplifiers

Your amplifier or AV receiver is one of the most hard working parts of your home cinema system, amplifiers really do the leg work when it comes to producing audio. When purchasing an AV amplifier it is important to consider where you will place that amplifier and whether it will have sufficient ventilation prevent itseelf from cutting out or even worse causing permanent damage. A discussion on AV forums talks about the risks of failing to provide sufficient ventilation for an amplifier.

When buying an AV amplifier or receiver, an integrated stereo amp, power amp, pre-amp or valve amp the principle always remains the same make sure your TV stand or Hifi Rack has sufficient ventilation. Read about these poor people who failed to ventilate their amplifiers properly, when considering your budget and how much you have to spend on an amplifier consider the importance of adequate ventilation because a failure to do so as the above people experienced causes your amplifier to melt internally, that is permanent damage which results in the hub of your home cinema or Hi-Fi system requiring very expensive repair or the more likely outcome of complete replacement. If you do not want to buy an expensive AV cabinet with flow through ventilation or an active cooling system get the dimple things right, if possible buy an open stand and try to make sure there is a fair bit of clearance between the top of the amplifier and the shelf in the Hi-Fi rack.

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