Why TV Stands are the Best Way of Accomodating a LCD, LED or Plasma TV

Since the television was invented there has always been a need to place the television somewhere, throughout time many different ideas have been experimented with since the invention of the TV, by businesses, schools and private consumers, it turns out nobody has reached a definitive solution.

Websites like Big AV now exist because of the overwhelming number of LCD TV Units, Plasma TV cabinets, TV Stands and High Definition TV Furniture units being manufactured here in the UK, in Europe, in America and in the far east. Many people place their TV on an existing cabinet, sideboard or table but this is not the best way to go. Often these kinds of general furniture items have not been designed to absorb vibrations resulting in unpleasant vibrations which not only ruin the viewing and listening experience but also run the risk of damaging the furniture underneath. Traditional cabinets may seem like the perfect place to keep a TV and A equipment but often these products do not have adequate ventilation this could easily result in damage to the equipment itself and if the cabinet is real wood over exposure to excess heat may result in the cabinet warping. Dedicated TV stands and TV furniture feature specially designed cable management systems ensuring that cables can be hidden from view, this is a luxury you do not find on basic sideboards or antique furniture.

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