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Gloss White Slim TV Cabinet - NORA-SLIM-8239-GW

Gloss White Slim TV Cabinet - NORA-SLIM-8239-GW

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This Nora 8239-S is from the BDI Home Theatre range. This cabinet has been made with a solid hardwood and then given a coating of gloss white. This cabinet has been design so it can have plenty of options for storage for the user. It has two Infra-red glass doors which hides storage on the left and right hand side of the cabinet, in these are adjustable shelves so with these you can adjust the height so it can fit almost all media devices. This cabinet also has a flip down Infra-red proof glass door located in the centre of the stand, which hides more storage for the user, and directly above this is a section for a sound bar, which can have a sound bar with a maximum width of 910mm. All devices in this cabinet has access to a cable management port, which prolongs the usage of a wire and therefore the device. This cabinet also has a passive ventilation system, which keeps all devices in the stand cool and prevents overheating. This cabinet has been made large enough so it can have a TV up to 82” on it, and with the steel reinforced top, it can have a weight of up to 91 kg on it..

This cabinet is compatible with the Arena 9970 bracket.

More Information
Brands BDI
Height 510mm
2nd Colour Black Glass
Width 1950mm
Depth 470mm
Colour White
Maximum Tv Size 82"
Maximum Tv Weight 91 kg
Finish High Gloss
TV Stand Features Cabinet, Cable Management, Castors
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